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Directed by Sathyadev and produced by Rudrapati Ramana, Lion stars Balakrishna,Trisha and Radhika Apte.


“The typical logic-defying mass film with some innovation thrown in. ”

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Nandamuri Balakrishna


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He Said “Year Of Birth – 1980”. That’s It. I Was Brain-Dead Since

Rated 1.0 / 5

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How unfair life is - on one hand there are artists, sportspersons and even actresses that are toiling away to keep fit, stay in business, stay in demand and be the best at what they do. These folks are subject to heavy criticism, are always under public scrutiny and just about make it if lucky. On the other hand, there are people who consider themselves actors, who portray roles half their age, who carry their blood shot eyes, bloated bellies and bags under their eyes to work, telling tales of their drowsy night lives. These people are continued to be loved, worshiped even, they get away with sexist jokes and chauvinistic attitudes and continue to make millions.

So anyway, I wasn't talking about Balakrishna! Who said anything about Balakrishna!? ** Shrugs **. I was just pointing out the unfairness of life. Watching Lion reminded me of such things, thanks to its deep storyline, mature portrayal of characters, marvelous acting and perfect balance of mass appeal and class direction… * cough *crap* cough*

So basically, Balakrishna wakes up into this strange world after being clinically dead for a day and in a coma for a year and a half, thanks to a rat byte. (did anyone consider checking him for plague?). He meets a whole borne-identity kind of crisis when everyone around him address him with a different name, i.e. Godse (I want know one Indian who actually would name their child Godse?!). He comes across his parents and a wife and he even has a company and his bank account and all know him as Godse. He randomly walks on the road and runs into his original girlfriend and mother and sister and father and everyone who matter to him in his life but all claim to not know him at all. Much Mystery. Such Wow!

The plot inches towards the 'INTERVAL BANG' where the whole suspense breaks and we finally come to know that he is infact who he claims to be, i.e. Bose and not Godse. His mother, in desperate measures, finally admits that he is her son indeed. Then enters the LION! NBK retraces his path - he is in fact an honest, killer CBI officer (who btw wears jeans fashionably) and he gets hold of some evidence that could incriminate the CM himself. He does some fast typing on his mac book (aided with some CG on the screen) and he created himself a 'FIREWALL' security system that the director spends a good 15 minutes explaining to us what it is. The whole farse is Bose cannot be dead, if his status is updated as 'dead' then the file he created on the system will immediately be accessed by the PM, President, bla bla bla and CM will be in trouble. So the whole scam is created and Bose is given a fake identity and kept in coma and what not.

So for the sake of the plot and suspense, logic is totally compromised but then again… who are we kidding. Who needs logic in NBK films!? Without flinching he says he was born in the year 1980! That makes him 35 (10 years older than me in real life). That's so logical - given how his wig gives in every 2 scenes and white hair peeps out - flakes of pancake make up scrapes of giving way to the wrinkles and dark spots - the belt loosens jutting a big tummy that has been grown with so much care and years of drinking.

Anyway, NBK and his earnert acting, bla bla, his sincere attempts at acting, dialogue delivery, bla bla, his aura and charm bla bla… all these are reasons enough to continue to love him. The director Sathya Deva couldn't have yielded a flop even if the movie was made 50 years ago with the same budget - that's how bad the production values were. Every scene has a cheat. There is no continuity from cut to cut. And then there is the 'fan-demanded' power-packed climax where NBK is just trying to get himself killed and the world does everything to keep him alive. He rides bikes in the opposite direction in freeways, he jumps off from 30,000 ft about the ground while being suspended on ropes by helicopters with the help of concealed knifes in his shoes (really), running into trains etc. All this for a really show fellow-CBI-officer played by Indraja (who again wears jeans stylishly) that he's trying so desperately to die inorder to prove something. And seconds before he runs into the train the mystery is solved! I was almost on the edge of my seat (about to leave).

No wonder Radhika Apte lost her cool and made manic public statements about the industry. No wonder Trisha went crazy and broke up with Rana, got engaged to a rebound and broke up with him again. No wonder the hardcore NBK fans in the film also found it tough to cheer beyond the title credits. The songs - loud. The cinematography - non-existent. The direction - primitive. The acting - irrelevant.

Balakrishna movies are like that… no surprise. But there has to be a limit to the number of times I yawn! Not fair.

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