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Directed by : Puri Jagannadh

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Loafer is an upcoming Telugu film directed by Puri Jagannadh. It features Varun Tej and Disha Patani in the lead roles.


“Varun does well in routine Puri entertainer!”

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Multiple-times-refurbished story. Definitely ask for discount!

Rated 2.0 / 5
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After a long time, we have a hero with legacy, looks and likability. Varun Tej is talented without a shade of doubt and he is already a heartthrob. He could be the next Mahesh Babu probably. However, Tollywood doesn't know what to do with him. In this typical Puri Jaganadh movie, cast opposite the extremely gorgeous Disha Patani, Varun does a bit of dancing, a bit of eve teasing, a bit of heavy dialogue delivery and a lot of unnecessary fighting.

Sample this for story: Heroine's father wants to marry her away to a rich guy, so he could kill the rich guy and get his property. Hero saves her and turns out there is history between the villain and him. So novel right? Such a new concept, I was shattered out of all my illusions. So the heroine's brothers who love screaming all the time are so terrible that they stab their own mother. Strange right? Imagine the characters of people like that and the things they can achieve through sheer nastiness. Yet, all they want is to chill in the village on poor farmers. The movie which goes to the pretty blue Jodhpur for a while has nice settings and some excellent shots, thanks to the cinematography. But, most of the movie is the ebb and fall of the hero Raja's mood. Sometimes, he is the macho guy hitting the daylights out of the bad guys. Sometimes, he is naughty (called chilipi in Telugu with an interesting connotation ;) ). However, neither of that gels as the movie strangely takes us through some exaggerated "mother-sentiment" and some cliched dialogues, so old, you will have to clean the cobwebs out of them. The movie feels like recent Puri movies - 'Edo teedham anukoni edo teesestadu'. It starts somewhere, goes somewhere else and finally ends in some place totally unrelated. Probably you have got to blame the screenplay for poor character building, especially when you start out with the hero being a heartless con-man. All in all, it is a time-pass movie. There are some decent laughs thanks to cameos from the usual folks - Ali, Brahmi, Saptagiri, etc. Mukesh Rishi is now getting so repetitive, the audience doesn't feel intimidated no matter what he does, or what his get up is. Check out the movie if you like commercial and loud movies.

Revati as the hero's mother, shows her acting prowess but the role hardly makes sense and was penned purely to exploit the actress' presence. Also, I think it is high time, we told Puri, 'Dude, stop your chauvinist, sexist, monologues on women in every movie!'

The plus side - the couple is really gorgeous.

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