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Directed by Srivaas, the film Loukyam, touted to be a commercial entertainer stars Gopichand and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles.


“Loukyam follows the routine script of a romantic comedy but manages to pull off a decent show. The comedy works for most parts and Gopichand's sense of humour makes the film watchable. A one time watch.”

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I laughed. Off late, I have been laughing at shit.

Rated 2.0 / 5
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In the early stages of the movie, the hero(Gopichand) who is portrayed as someone with sensitivity and respect for women, slaps the heroine(Rakul Preet Singh) and explains to his friend that it is one of the ways to get to a woman's heart, the type of woman who doesn't heed to roses. Shame on the people, who thought this kind of chauvinism and sexism is tolerable. But then this is what Tollywood has been nurturing the last decade.

The hero, like in all Telugu movies, is jobless, yet so smart, he can outsmart everyone, including the villains who have been all the while smart enough to outsmart politicians, states and businessmen. At least, brawny enough. The movie is about how two villains are baying for each other's blood with a tiny flashback that is equally stupid. Meanwhile, the hero has been the perpetual pain the rearside for the villain, interfering in his sisters' weddings each time, once because of his ever-helping altruistic nature and once because of his true love, or so we should think.

Most of the movie is about how the hero takes the villain(Sampath Raj), brother to the leading girls for a ride and eventually brings about a change in his heart. Now that has to happen, isn't it? Funnily, this is one movie where the villains have personalities, good looking guys with a commanding presence. They continue to rage and rave about their anger and thirst for revenge. Why they suddenly turn dumb and act like fools at seemingly silly plots hatched by the trying-to-be-oversmart hero is beyond me.

The movie will sell in all probability, judging by the audience's response. The humor track with Brahmanandam and Chandra Mohan was hilarious in parts. After a long time, Brahmanandam manages to bag a character that has a little more than the usual nuisance. The real surprise package though was Pruthvi who played the character of Boiling Star Babloo, his track turning into a spoof that makes fun of factionist movies, major stars and even television serials.

Gopichand is a decent actor and so is Rakul Preet but one wonders if directors, in this case Sriwass, will ever tire of using the same story again and again. Also, it is about time Sampath Raj picks a role that suits his calibre. He is a really good actor, whose acting skills aren't really receiving the appreciation they deserve in the hands of character writers of Tollywood, pandering largely to a hero-worshipping audience. The movie has a rich look about it thanks to good cinematography. Anoop Rubens' music is not brilliant but then, one could be thankful it wasn't Thaman. All in all, it is a routine Telugu rom-com.

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