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Directed by : Harinath

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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“Lovers is a decent film with a predictable storyline. Neat performance, soothing songs and light hearted comedy makes it a good weekend watch.”

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Sumanth Ashwin


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Lovers - A popcorn love story for teenagers

Rated 2.5 / 5
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To set the context right, Lovers is the lover story of a guy who is still at an engineering college. To expect maturity and logic from such a story would be like expecting an art movie to have an item song. Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, we can delve a little bit about how the movie was fashioned.

Plot: The story, screenplay and dialogues are from Maruthi, who has carved out a niche for low-budget comedies like Ee Rojullo, Bus Stop and Prema Katha Chitram, the last of which brought him quite a bit of fame. He holds on to Nanditha, his good-luck charm and in her fashions a girl, Chitra Balasumbramaniam who hates flirtatious guys and has an expertise at causing breakups between her female friends and their boyfriends. At the receiving end, two times is Siddhu(Sumanth), who falls for Chitra when he sees her at a temple, without realising she was the one who gave him plenty of heart-ache.

Even after he finds out, Siddhu becomes Sriram to win Chitra's love, stalking her in music stores and libraries and saying all the right things to impress her. But, the ghost of girlfriend's past comes back as Chitra reunites with his ex-girlfriends. He devises many different plots to avoid being caught. Eventually, the inevitable happens. How their story ends makes for the climax.

Cast & Crew: Sumanth seems to have the makings of a good actor, who can turn up for the chocolate-boy roles that Tollywood so adores. Nanditha though, already seems to have a fan-following and she proves why she deserves that adulation. A pretty girl, she is also an emotive actress who slips into her role easily, a role that gives her a little more freedom than heroines in big-budget movies get. The real winners though are the character artists in the movie, whose comic timing saves most of the second half, while Siddhu is busy trying to deal with his love story. This being a low-budget movie, you cannot expect too much from the sets or look and feel of the movie. The make-up of the heroine in particular leaves much to be desired. The music by J.B is peppy and gives the movie a good promotional base.

Themes: Lovers is largely for college kids who are suffering the pangs of their first love or floating in the winds of adolescent infatuation. They might be able to relate to a lot of one-liners, especially with the character of a mentally retarded man, who hates women. The story doesn't really have any depth and doesn't offer anything fresh. It is just a mish-mash of funny lines and a pretty heroine, which gives those in their teens and early-20s an entertaining watch.

All in all, it is not a must-watch movie. It is one of those movies that are watchable if you decide to spend some time at the movies, enjoying popcorn.

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