3.3 145 Ratings

Directed by : Neelakanta

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.0/5
  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Maaya is an upcoming mystery thriller directed by National Award winning director Neelakanta themed around time-travel that features actors Harshavardhan Rane, Avanthika and Sushma Rai in lead roles.


“Maaya starts off as an interesting foray into the sci-fi genre, but Neelkanth's poor execution leaves us feeling let down. Minus Harshavardan performance, the oddly timed soundtrack and confusing narration make the film an average watch at best.”

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Harshavardhan Rane


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Maaya Audience Review

Maaya - Fresh attempt but confused execution

Rated 2.5 / 5

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There are movies that stick to a formula but end up being entertaining and then there are movies like Maaya, which veer away from conventions and are off-beat in their attempt and experimentation. You want such movies to succeed for the industry to discover the value of more such stories. Director Neelakanta has picked a concept that has been beaten to death in Hollywood but is relatively fresh in the cozy, romantic and conventional world of Tollywood.

Meghna(Ankita Mishra) has the gift of Extra Sensory Perception, having visions of people dying. She loses her mother to a misshap that she visualizes a few minutes ahead in time but doesn't quite manage to avert, being just a kid. Years later, she is a social activist and reporter who gets the vision, of a guard being murdered by a robber. She manages to take the right steps to save his life. Meanwhile, she is covering a famous designer Siddharth(Harshvardhan Rane) who is showcasing his collection in Hyderabad. They share a good chemistry, but Meghna realises just in time that he has a fiance, none other than her childhood best friend Pooja(Sushmita Raj). Soon, she has a sinister vision that involves all three of them. Secrets tumble as she digs into Siddharth's past, but nothing is what she guesses it to be. How it ends, is something you have to check out in the hall.

The performances, coming from so many new-comers are reasonable. Sushmita over-acts at many points and gets on your nerves. Rane is characteristically subdued and would need to pep up his acting skills a lot to be taken seriously in Tollywood. Ankita is the surprise package. The big-eyed dusky beauty gets a plush role and is quite capable of acting. However, at times, she ends up stonewalling her expressions, ending up even annoying the viewer. Neelakanta has a decent story but the script isn't taut. The consistency of what happens with her visions, is clearly lacking. Paranormal events are generally subject to individual interpretation and the director seems to believe it is possible to change truth. However, he ends up in a maze, thereby leaving the audience with an unclear conclusion. The loopholes in the plot leave you a little disappointed, because they could have been clearly avoided or explained. The second half gets slow and boring at times and feels like a drag even though it is a relatively short movie.

All in all, it is a movie that wouldn't bore you to death, especially if you like serious movies with a definitive story cut off from the modern day dance-fight-climax routines. However, you really wished the script was treated with more intensity and gusto and the central focus was more on her visions.

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