Malini & Co

Malini & Co

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Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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Malini & Co. is an action thriller with the backdrop of terrorism. The film marks the Telugu debut of Poonam Pandey who is donning the lead role.


“You are better of not watching this film at all.”

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A movie that explores new depths of terrible.

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Malini and Co. by Veeru K is a very strange movie. You don't understand what the makers are trying to show. Are they trying to cash in on Poonam Pandey's skin show? Are they trying to make a movie with a story? Are they trying to make a movie with a story centred on a strong woman? They fail in all cases to be honest giving you no reason to watch the movie.

Malini (Poonam) is a masseur running a parlour. a little obscenity here and plenty of unnecessary horniness. But soon you'll get a shock when militant from Sri Lanka get a shock finding her in Mumbai. Malini is already hated by the women in the colony for obvious reasons. But why she chooses that as a disguise to trouble poor housewives who are unable to control their lustful husbands is the big question that you must answer yourself by watching the movie. I suggest you not to.

To start with it is a B-grade attempt at making an action movie. Secondly, Poonam's acting and dialogues are so terrible you will start rooting for the militants. The obscenity is overboard as it is but in the midst of a serious terror plot which is overabused these days by the movie industry you have so many unnecessary songs. Even the normal songs are like item songs so you could imagine what the item songs will be like. The terrible movie features Suman and it beats your logic why he picked this project up. He looks serious which is really funny because the terrible screenplay and the weird editing hardly gives the movie or his role a chance. The cinematographer's single job is to show the non-existent glamour of Poonam and that is funnier. If you are reading this review, you are probably just wasting time already.

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