Mantra 2

Mantra 2

2.9 655 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 112 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.0/5
  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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A techie living in a mansion discovers hidden truths about her new home.


“Don't spoil your weekend by watching Mantra 2.”

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Sorry, this doesn't cut it as horror!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Dead people usually come back to take revenge. We all knew that. But dead people actually come back to create a parallel world, a neat, clean livable house of a haunted place for a while just to quench their thirst of caring for their daughter - that is pushing it. But then, what breaks the floor and the ceiling is the part where the ghost offers all the explanation to Mantra (Charmee) in the form of a letter that miraculously appears from the photoframe. While Mantra is reading it quietly her boyfriend just stands there. Hello, wasn't this the solution after a terrible ordeal of a night that saw three of your associates die? Wouldn't you even have the curiosity to at least peep into that letter as she reads on and one like she is imagining the flashback herself as a slow movie with lots of dialogues.

Mantra 2 is remotely thrilling for about five minutes. You might miss those minutes had it not been for the overly loud, dramatic and stale OST from Sunil Kashyap who is definitely capable of better stuff. SV Sateesh's directorial venture, using Rahul Khanna as a murderous property hungry brother falls flat on the face because with each twist, the soul of the movie is killed a little more. You see someone trying to kill Mantra but by the time you come to the end and realise what happened and who was saving her, you'll go what???

The cinematography and editing of the movie combined with the background score are annoying to the extent of making you scream. One wishes the camera crew and the makers knew you cannot make a thriller by just using a dark house and stupid angles. Moreover, there are too many liberties that the director takes. People die one moment to make you think there is a ghost and the latter twist reveals that the hunted were the original hunters and yet, suddenly you realise it is a good ghost that is pulling all the strings. What are we, 4th standard kids to be scared witless with a movie like this? Charmee overdid her possessed person role a little too much although she is way better than the protagonist who hardly emotes and looks comically out of place!

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