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3.3 1,000 Ratings

Directed by : Srikanth Addala

Release Date : | Length : 142 Minutes

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Mukunda is an action-drama movie directed by Srikanth Addala and stars Varun Tej in the lead role


“An average debut vehicle, that's preachy and barely entertaining. ”

Mukunda Credit & Casting

Pooja Hegde

Mukunda Audience Review

Pointless Boredom. Like your neighborhood uncle preaching!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Let's admit it, the teasers got our attention. Pooja Hegde and Varun Tej could easily win the glamourous couple of the year award. But, can you believe, throughout the movie, there isn't a single dialogue between them? Yes. Most of the songs, of the fantastic album by Mickey Meyer, were imagined songs, put in place for publicity, methinks.In truth, the movie was about how one friend decides to play bodyguard to another friend, an irresponsible fellow, whose only avocation is to love his girlfriend, who in turn is the daughter of the municipal chairman(Rao Ramesh).

Mukunda is trademark Srikanth Addala. If you have seen Sitamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, you'll know what I mean. He doesn't believe in a script. He believes in characters. He believes in the typical rural accents, the mannerisms, the quirks. He manages to chalk out a decent character for Rao Ramesh, who is totally up to the mark. From there on, everything is downhill. The hero, with his intense looks, seems aimless mostly, unless he is required to thrash the goons. Why? You guessed it right. To save his friend. So irritated you'll be with the friend and his needless love story, that you would start wishing he has to die to add spice to the story. Meanwhile, there is an idealist(Prakash Raj) who has long winding 'Sri Sri' style dialogues. But, soon, the link between the protagonist and this idealist borders on pointless yet again. He disappears totally towards the climax, making you wonder what about it. In fact, if you walked out in frustration, 15 minutes before the end of the movie, you will avoid the crowd and yet, miss nothing. The movie has Nasser too, in another needless role and by now, you would lose count of all the characters wasted away in the movie. The editing is scratchy, considering the makers try a flashback narrative at times, confused and end up confusing the audiences. You would almost feel, the big names were roped in to make up for the lack of a good story. The dialogues in particular are pretentious. They aim to be witty, but they are not. They aim to use good Telugu, but mostly, the target audience would leave unimpressed. In other words, it tries to be a neat movie, indulgent movie. Except, the spice is totally missing.

Mukunda's best offering is its music; the second best offering is its cinematography. V Manikandan gives you a very pretty movie. The right lighting and the right setting that the man offers is wasted away due to lack of punch in the script. Addala needs to rethink his strategy. SVSC worked because Mahesh Babu is a superstar and he had some remarkable dialogues. It worked because Samantha was bubbly, unlike Pooja Hegde who could have been replaced by a Barbie doll in the movie. She doesn't have even half a dozen dialogues. Even Rao Ramesh disappears quietly in the end, an anti-climax of sorts, a confused mess that pretends to be a preacher, a preacher no one has patience to indulge.

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