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Naa Raakumarudu

Naa Raakumarudu

3.1 341 Ratings

Directed by : Satya (Telugu)

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Naa Raakumarudu is a romance-drama movie directed by Satya and stars Naveen Chandra in the lead role


“Although the movie has a fair dose of endearing moments, it gets into an illogical preaching mode. The languid pace and television-like framing make Naa Raakumarudu an avoidable fare. Skip it.”

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Naveen Chandra


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Naa Raakumarudu Audience Review

A worthwhile film for those disoriented by the choices od education.

Rated 2.5 / 5

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However hard we try to get over a generation's troubles with education, Telugu films continue to churn out improbable and highly boorish love stories revolving around engineering graduations and overseas career prospects. Latest among the list of college-education-generational existential angst-love story films is Naa Rakumarudu.

Naveen Chandra is Vyshnav and Ritu Verma is Bindu, a pair who meet through an accident of fate. Bindu's mother ( acted out by veteran actress Sitar a) quite rightfully directs her daughter's educational prospects towards a successful graduation. Of course there is a blooming love between the hero and the heroine and a difficult story maze we must endure for being the audience.

Director Satya comes out with a valid social message although not quite the way he intended it to be. We must watch till the very end of this film to understand why choosing right careers or educational prospects is important. ( Somehow a good lead character always has an element of sacrifice which surprisingly wins over the minds and hearts of our general lumpen audience )

Please go ahead and watch this film for the filmmaker's sake and in order to contribute to our well fed economy of the film industry, we suggest you throw in the greasy popcorn and mentally switch all your senses off.

In an effort to not seem downright critical of every bad film that passes by, this review was softened down to appease the team that tried hard to bring out this story, a story we have all gone through and yet, need constant reminders about.

May common sense prevail.

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