Naalo Okkadu (Enakkul Oruvan)

Naalo Okkadu (Enakkul Oruvan)

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“Stays true to the original and rides on Siddharth for the goods.”

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Nallo Okkadu - Misses Lucia's Offbeat Charm

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Naalo Okkadu is dubbed version of Tamil film Ennakul Oruvan which was the official remake of Kanada crowd-sourced film Lucia. This is the story of an actor, who suffers from insomnia and is tricked into taking a pill named lucia that not only helps him sleep and dream but also forget the lines between dreams and reality. For a south-indian film to deal with such an off-beat potend subject is something to be marvelled. However, since the tamil remake gets a commercial angle to it a super star tagged Siddharth and big budget, it felt like some tweeks in the original resulted in a craggy, rough flow. A lot of times, it feels like something is missing, something doesn't make sense. For those who watched Lucia in kannada, this tamil/telugu flick will blatantly be devoid of certain important scene.

Sidharth's de-glam role is commendable - the dark skin, the unsmart body language, the whole change in persona is simply superb! The stark contrast comes through as he plays the super star on the other hand. Siddharth has been appearing in path-breaking films and this film too has the traits of genious.. takes a genious to recognize another genious probalbly, so we mustn't take away from that.

The director Prasad Ramar adhers to the original but the subplots somehow get lost in execution in the bigger scheme of things. The dubbing isn't that great for Telugu. So you have a washed out version of a brilliant film by the time it landed on the telugu audience's plate - lost some mojo while remaking into a commercial film where siddharth really mouths his tamil to the T! and lost the remaining mojo when they dub it in telugu where his Tamil mouthing ruins it for you.

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