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Nannaku Prematho

Nannaku Prematho

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Directed by : Sukumar

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Nannaku Prematho is an Telugu action family drama film written and directed by Sukumar and produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad under his Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra Banner and co-produced by Bhogavalli Bapineedu & Reliance Entertainment .


“Typical Sukumar movie that sizzles, fizzles and then dazzles.”

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Will the cerebral hero survive?

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Elektra Complex. Liar's Paradox. Butterfly Effect. Sukumar has a penchant for interesting terms and interesting concepts. His cerebral villain Krishnamurthy Kautilya (Jagapati Babu) plays with two golf balls asking his opponents to pick one of the two, the one with a gold core and almost always wins manipulating them into picking the silver one. Sukumar doesn't follow other moviemakers' formulae. He makes his own and follows them religiously. He is a director who comes up with his theories and sticks to them. He will ensure his hero Abhiram (NTR) thinks angles and external factors in fights, uses his intellect to create magical moments and calculates the way the heroine (Rakulpreet) falls for him with the same precision as the Italian Job. He has twisted dialogues about emotions and passing them out instead of keeping them inside yourself. Amidst all this hoopla, which Sukumar carries out mostly to indulge his own whims and fancies as a 'variety' director, there is a decent script in the movie that has been stylized to an extreme case.

The premise of the movie is very simple. Abhiram is on a revenge mission and he has just 30 days to nullify the 25000 odd crore bank balance of Krishnamurthy, the man who cheated his dad Subramaniam (Rajendra Prasad). Abhiram has to do this to give his dad on the deathbed a parting gift. The movie is a set of complicated tricks between the protagonist and the antagonist. Some tricks work well, while some fall right on the face. For example, Electra Complex which is a daughter's familiarity and love for her dad making her desire the same qualities in her man, is just a term thrown by the hero but hardly pursued. He gets three assistants because of their love for their dad to help him in a supremely tough mission and their skillset is rarely exhibited at any point. A billionaire uses exotic butterflies as a business tactic and leaves his wife rotting in a Spanish jail for more than 20 years. The heroine dreams about it almost like a repressed memory but never really asks her dad or wants to know more about it. What's worse, at an extremely emotional moment of her life with respect to her mother, she breaks into a jig with the hero. Probably Sukumar was trying to walk a tightrope to please himself and NTR's fans with exotic locations and some complicated dance moves. However, we still have to thank him for cutting out all violence out of the movie with three minor fights put in just for the fans with two of them ending within seconds in nothing more than subtle comedy.

The movie is like a guy who shows off his bookish knowledge but still looks intelligent in comparison to a bunch of friends who are not even literate. In spite of unnecessary gimmicks and some hyper logic, there are some touching scenes, some decently shot footage and a good heist in the climax which ensure that you walk out of the hall having watched something sensible and not noisy enough to fit into our recent brigade of formula cinema. Whether the fans can digest it, is the question!

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