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Nee Jathaga Nenundaali

Nee Jathaga Nenundaali

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Release Date : | Length : 150 Minutes

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An official remake of the Hindi blockbuster film Aashiqui 2, the film directed by the maker behind Bumper Offer stars Sachin Joshi and is being presented by Bandla Ganesh.


“Nee Jathaga Nenundali may be a remake of Aashiqui 2, but it lacks the soul, crackling chemistry and epic soundtrack of the original. You might as well watch the Hindi version!”

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Sachiin Joshi


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Nee Jathaga Nenundaali Audience Review

A scene to scene remake of Aashiqui 2 without the magic!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Some movies suit certain kinds of audiences and some movies don't. When Aashiqui 2 was adopted and adapted for Tollywood, you expected the movie to offer something fresh, something different from what most of them would already have seen in the Hindi original. But, Nee Jethaga Nenundaali, takes the easier route, which is to create a scene-to-scene remake of Aashiqui 2. Therein lies the problem, given the movie features two new actors, Sachin Joshi only having featured in a couple of Hindi movies prior to this and Nazia Hussain, a relative newcomer.

The movie revolves around a superstar singer turned into an alcoholic washout, Raghav Jayram(Sachin) who spots a talented singer in a bar, Gayatri(Nazia), having her own financial struggles. He brings her to the city, trains her and uses his own contacts and network to get her an opportunity. True to his belief, she creates a niche for herself immediately, becoming a sensational superstar in her own right. Meanwhile, Raghav continues his downward spiral into alchohol addiction, realising further that his voice has been destroyed by his addiction. Gayatri tries to be the sole support in his life, as he battles alcohol addiction. At some point, Sachin realises that their lives are so intertwined and she is in so much love with him that he cannot go down without taking her down with him.

Nee Jathaga Nenundaali, for someone who has watched the Hindi movie, is a snooze fest. For someone who hasn't, it offers a decent plot. Nevetheless, the movie lacks the soul that you want to see in emotional love saga like this. The chemistry between a singer and her mentor is totally missing between the lead actors. Sachin doesn't really make the cut as an actor. Nazia, in spite of being a decent actress, doesn't really have the presence that you start expecting from a heroine with such a plush role.

It is a pretty movie nevertheless and you can see plenty of opulence in every frame, a special round of applause for the cinematographer for creating the easy-on-the-eye look. The music was a blockbuster hit and all the songs have been replicated. It would be surprising to find anyone even in Andhra Pradesh who hasn't heard the songs from Aashiqui 2. Jaya Ravindra, the director, from the look of it had ample resources at his disposal. In such a scenario, a movie lover would have expected a fresh spark of creativity to ignite the whole romantic tale instead of giving you a dull remake that is worsened by the inexperience of the actors. Rao Ramesh as Raghav's uncle and head of a recording house is about the only other actor worth a mention in the tale and even his presence doesn't demand too much attention.

All in all it is a movie that you can definitely ignore, if you know about Aashiqui 2. If you haven't watched the Hindi version and are a die-hard fan of romantic movies, you may want to try this at your own risk. Actually, you can still give it a pass.

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