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Neeku Naaku Dash Dash

Neeku Naaku Dash Dash

3.0 284 Ratings

Directed by : Teja

Release Date : | Length : 165 Minutes

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Illicit liquor brewing and selling is an organized criminal industry in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This 470 Million rupees racket is run with the support of bureaucrats, politicians, police officers and cabinet ministers. This dangerous group is called the LIQUOR SYNDICATE. Teenage boys and girls are picked up from d...more

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A love story that leaves you in 'Dash'

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Partially based on the premise portrayed in the 2010 film Shopping Mall, Neeku Naku Dash Dash is not as raw as the former however succeeds in entertaining with its share of awe inspiring moments. Inundated with too many characters, 42 debutants to be precise, the film leaves you with images of the supporting artistes part than the lead actors.

Revolving around the love story of a boy and girl employed in a liquor syndicate, working to pay off their debts, the story takes us through the defenselessness of the characters and their struggle to keep their relationship alive.

Is there novelty in the story, if you were to ask, Id say there isnt any however what does work in the film are the performances by the new faces who sweep you off your feet through raw, mature acting? Teja sticks to what he is best at and delivers a heartwarming film that undoubtedly with minor tweaking couldve been at par with his earlier films.

Teja intelligently paints a plot that has a mix of characters, good and bad, mostly bad. Amidst bad characters, our hero and heroine find time to fall in love and engage in life changing escapades that forces them to do the unthinkable. Now, what I need to highlight here is the fact that the lead characters take relatively less time to fall in love. Its like everything happens within a short span of time; actually over a song if I were to emphasize and that according to me is nave and unrealistic. The screenplay literally sprints and therefore makes everything artificial.

Performances truly were top class and especially that of the hero, Prince, who certainly performed like a hero. His boyish charm coupled with gritty acting works brilliantly for the film and not to forget his lady love, Nanditha and her mischievous, courageous attitude that brings forth moments that bring smile as well tears on your face.

Music is average but cinematography and dialogues by Teja elevate the film to all new heights. Audience would love to watch the film the second time at least for the dialogues. The dialogues perfectly suit the context of the film, adding humor and wittiness to the viewing experience.

In one line; Neeku Naku Dash Dash falls way short of becoming one of the best films of Teja.

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