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Nirantharam Nee Oohalo

Nirantharam Nee Oohalo

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Directed by : Elred Kumar

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A dubbed Telugu version the of Tamil film 'Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal', 'Nirantharam Nee Oohalo' has been directed and produced by Elred Kumar. This romance stars Adharva and Amala Paul in the lead roles and its music has been composed by GV Prakash.

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A Dream That You Don't Want To See

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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You walk into the theatre to watch Nirantharam Nee Oohalo, the dubbed version of the Tamil film, Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal; you dont see a typical love story but one with loads of struggle and comeuppance. Thanks to GVs music which makes up for the uninspiring plot that couldve been engaging with some extra attention.

Heres yet another typical love story with a twist in the tail. The film deals with the love story between Ram, a Chennai boy and Charu, a Bangalore girl. Before you know it, Ram is all head over heels for her. On the contrary, Charu only treats Ram as a good friend, to whom she becomes even closer after his mother dies. But, He gathers up all the courage and expresses his feelings for her, only to get rejected in the process. The story doesnt end here because Amala returns as Rams boss from the US. The confusion starts here and everybody is lost in the process to figure out whats actually happening and if Amala Paul has just arrived from the US then was Ram hallucinating all this time?

The film is engaging till the part when the story turns into a psychological thriller but it doesnt last throughout due to bad execution. Director Elred Kumar is lost in the process trying to fit the movie in between two genres edge-of-the-seat thriller or a mass entertainer with all ingredients. Unfortunately, the film is neither thrilling nor entertaining but moments thatll certainly pique your interest.

Directors effort to relate all the confusion to some kind of illness of the mind and body further adds to the films dismal effort. There was a need for stronger screenplay in order to explain to the audience what was happening. The audience were not even given an opportunity to understand the images - whether they are delusions, dreams or real. Only then can he enjoy the film. The narration confounds the viewer at certain points.

Adharvaa rose to the occasion and delivers a performance that deserves some appreciation. He approaches his role with fervor however still falters in the dialogue department. Amalas role comes as a pleasant surprise while Santhanam continues to impress with his stale style of dialogues which I believe needs to be changed at the earliest. Weve soon too much of his stereotypical accent and puns, which sound now quite outdated.

Nirantharam Nee Oohalo is an attempt you can talk about but wouldnt interest you to get involved.

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