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Nuvvala Nenila

Nuvvala Nenila

2.7 119 Ratings

Directed by : Trinadha Rao Nakkina

Release Date : | Length : 135 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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“Nuvvala Nenila is a disappointingly poor remake of a hit Korean film It's excessively lengthy with outdated performances and a mediocre soundtrack.The film offers nothing worthwhile, you can safely skip it!”

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Varun Sandesh

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Nuvvala Nenila - Alane Ignore Cheyandi Movie Ni

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Sometimes you wonder why a particular movie has been made. You would give anything to find out why the makers put in their money into a project where there is neither a script that exists, nor a purpose. Nuvvala Nenila is one such movie. Krishna Mohan(Varun Sandesh) is a young entrepreneur who comes to India looking to invest here, researching a company that he is very keen to purchase. Mahalakshmi(Poorna) is one of his star employees, responsible for handling the deal. Easily excitable and terribly old-fashioned, she is dumped by her boyfriend. Krish who starts out as a strict boss, gets close to her, challenging her to update herself to her times. They end up having a decent chemistry until Mahi's old boyfriend and Krish's girlfriend from US both land in their lives.

Nuvvala Nenila is a movie around a non-existent plot. That the director thought 486 processor was old and the heroine should get updated to Pentium, (which in itself is a terribly out-dated processor) shows how behind the times he is. The movie has a rich look thanks to the camera work and the music is also decent enough. Nevertheless, the way the story pans out, you had wonder if the rich look and the background score are just decorating and selling a thoroughly rotten product. It almost makes you laugh wondering where the story is going. It has bits and pieces from lots of movies, starting out on a note of friendship between Krish and Mahi's parents and then goes tangentially into another world. Krish's business is a joke because you rarely hear about it except when there is an office party or when there is a meeting. The meeting in itself has been shot by someone who clearly doesn't know what corporate meetings are.

Varun's acting hasn't improved one bit in spite of having been a part of so many projects. Poorna is a newcomer who can act, but gets on your nerves at times with her over-action, almost matching the annoyance caused by Varun's accented English(ya, ya we know he is from the US, but we also know in how many other places he doesn't behave like a guy who has spent his entire childhood abroad). Poorna rarely shows at any point what she wants to do or achieve. There is no pain of heartbreak, no emotion of finding love again. Mahi's parents look out of place. There is no context to her mom's annoying concern of getting her married, no context to her dad's heavy dialogues about how he trusts her. The one dimensional movie is a thorough proof of how some movie makers have no idea whatsoever about the subjects they are trying to portray or the times and trends in which those subjects exist.

All in all, it is a bad movie; there are no two ways of seeing it. It is a movie that was better off not being made. You expect better choices from actors like Varun, who have seen a bit of Tollywood, if not from a newcomer heroine, desperate to make her mark.

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