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Oka Manasu

Oka Manasu

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Oka Manasu is a Telugu film written and directed by Rama Raju Gottimukkala. It features Naga Shourya and Niharika Konidela in the lead roles, which marks Niharika's debut in Telugu cinema.

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Soulful yet spineless!!

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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There were times when heartwarming love stories adorned the Indian movie landscape. Later on, the element of love got diluted with new age film-making and need for more commercial forcefit plugins. All these moves with the changing times have watered down the pristine approach of narrating the tale of love.

In this context, if a love story filled with myriad emotions and bonding pops up that's nothing less than spinning a wonder. Oka Manasu tries to get into that zone with slice-of-life conversations between the lead pair and their thoughts on the institution of love, marriage and togetherness. However, overdoing and overkilling the philosophical hinge of the film ruins its soul and in turn dissipating the intended message.

An old tale of love that rides on two characters - Surya (Naga Shourya) and Sandhya (Niharika), Oka Manasu slides through the murky waters of politics, casteism and a fight for one upmanship. All this leads to misjudgment of grave unforeseen incidents that tend to separate the two. So did they unite or became victims of fate is all about the film.

Though the plot looks decent, at least on paper, the execution puts it in turbulent waters. The movie starts on a note and carries the same till the end with the characters asking and clarifying the same thing again and again. The strong sense of visual style and beautiful frames can't rescue the sinking ship that sermonizes and just sermonizes leading to blandness and boredom.

The music speaks the language of their hearts and subtle touches, kisses, hugs and mannerisms speak tons about the able handling of the actors and striking a good chemistry between them. The magic just stops there and offers nothing to deliver an engaging and emotional drama. The spineless flow of events towards the end along with the unwarranted climax adds more to this overstretched conversational love story.

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