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Ongole Githa

Ongole Githa

3.2 1,453 Ratings

Directed by : Bhaskar

Release Date : | Length : 160 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Ongole Githa is a family movie directed by Bhaskar and stars Ram Pothineni in the lead role


“Ongole Githa is a run-of-the-mill commercial potboiler which neither impresses nor arouses interest with hardly anything original to offer. Skip it.”

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Kriti Kharbanda


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Ongole Githa Audience Review

Disappointing Affair

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The state of affairs of Telugu film industry is deteriorating on a daily basis and nobody seems to be bothered about it. With more and more filmmakers driven by the urge to make blockbuster, hero-worshipping scripts, seldom does one find a path breaking film in Telugu ala “Eega”, which according to me was far better and creative than several run-of-the-mill type films of recent times. Besides the title “Ongole Gitta”, sadly, I didn't like anything else in the film.

For some reason the hero in this film is named White, played by Ram, who is a dynamic young hero as portrayed in every other Telugu film. He works as a Mirchi trader and operates in Ongole Mirchi yard where he's loved and respected by fellow traders. The chairman of the yard is Adikesavalu, played by Prakash Raj, a doting and benevolent father to Sandhya, played by Kriti Kharbanda.

It's quite evident what's about to follow. The hero, heroine fall in love and White seeks Sandhya's blessings for their wedding. Meanwhile, a local MLA played by Ahuti Prasad wants to shift the Mirchi yard to a location which will yield him high financial outcome. In protest against the move, trade members of the union seek the help of White and the yard Chairman. At this juncture, we're introduced to a past that has some connection between Ram and Prakash Raj.

To find what the past is, see if you can take out time to think of watching the movie.

Well Bhaskar made a stunning directorial debut with a heartwarming father-son relationship movie called “Bommarillu”, which catapulted the director to stardom. Hoping to recreate same magic with a central plot revolving around a father-son relationship, OG suffers a fatal fall in its execution.

Bhaskar's debut film was a runaway hit because of the emotional bond between the father and son, played by Prakash Raj and Siddharth respectively. Unfortunately, the emotional bond between the father and son is weak and fails to connect with the audience emotionally. With a climax that screams boring and unpredictable, it's very likely that you can find something worthy to talk about in this film.

One of the best villains in India is Abhimanyu Singh, who may have done very few films but boy he can be maniacal if used effectively, courtesy “Rakht Charitra”. It's saddening to see an actor of his aptitude being wasted in a role that neither terrifies nor satisfies the audience.

Ram as usual was at his best in a role that suits his aura while Kriti, needless to say, serves perfectly as a glam doll. Prakash Raj shows some grace in his role and to great extent holds the film together. Rest of the cast doesn't much excite or inspire with its performances.

Bhaskar is better off trying his hands at offbeat films. His desperate attempt to find a place in the league of commercially successful directors seems to be a dream that is unlikely going to be fulfilled any time soon. I wouldn't waste time talking about the technical part of the film as I found none interesting or even close to satisfactory.

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