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Release Date : | Length : 150 Minutes

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Produced by Rakesh Mahankali, Paathasaala stars newcomers picked from an online audition on Facebook. It is being directed by Mahi V Raghav.


“Paathasala has a fresh storyline, but the debut performances fails to match its narrative. Despite the lengthy screenplay and over the top sentiments, a one time watch wont harm you. ”

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Rated 2.5 / 5

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Paathasaala is the story of 5 young best friends (Nandu, Sashank, Sai Kiran, Sirisha and Anu Priya). These three boys and two girls stand at the threshold of new chapter of their lives when they decide to take a life changing journey to each others hometown on the last day of graduation before bidding a final farewell. They hire a van that brings back the Scooby-doo mystery van memories back in flood (jinkies!).

Following the trajectory of a road movie, this film focuses on a journey that take the group into their own lives while they set out to discover something new in the world out there. Friendship, love, fun, adventure and some life changing lessons form by-products of this trip.

First things first - the film is quite visually pleasing thanks to Sudheer Surendran's cinematography. A colorful and zesty presentation reflects the central theme of the film, which is a youthful one. Music by Rahul Raj has also been a plus factor to the film adding to the effervescence of youth. A few part of the movie might have been dragged a wee bit too much but this is just a risk the director debutant Mahi would have had to take to make his point come through. Nonetheless it's a relief to see more themes like this being handled by new comers within small budgets.

Nandu has been a favorite in the film that strikes the most in the role of Raju, a role that also adds most of the comic relief to the film. Sashank's performance offers a certain depth the over theme of self-discovery to the film. The girls have Sirisha and Anu Priya have done a good job with their roles too.

On the whole, you can watch it once to see how telugu cinema is slowly evolving towards better film making and deeper themes than just the uninspiring masala flicks.

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