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Paddanandi Premalo Mari

Paddanandi Premalo Mari

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“Paddanandi Premalo Mari is as good as Varun Sandesh's acting career,all for a lost cause.”

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Varun Sandesh

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Paddanandi Premalo Mari starring Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru is yet another low budget typical love story that hit the screens this weekend along side Temper. Unless the producers were only interested in converting their black money in white, the point of the film quite escapes my mind. First, their sharing the audience with Temper that gives a whole new definiation to mob menatality. Secondly, they used Varun Sandesh who has gone long overdue usng the Happy Days credit and has accumulated a long string of unforgivingly sad flicks. Lastly, the film is an utter bore with soap opera level direction skills and home-made-films level acting.

Varun Sandesh falls in love with Vithika on a rainy day when she runs in slow motion in her white chudidaar (cliche no.1) after he accidently hits her with his football. Heroine Vithika is this compassionate chick who finds someone's certificates on a busstop and decides to take the onus of getting them back to their owner (cliche no. 2). The boy who misplaces his certificates turns out to be Varun! (Cliche no. 3). A villainous thug falls for Vithika and decides to child molest, oops, marry her, but obviously Varun comes to the rescue and keeps saving the day in unique ways (Cliche no. 4). But all this is a flashback that connects to a darker future, that gives the hero jitters when recollected. The twists and turns follow and how the hero and heroine get together is what the movie is all about (which of course is cliche no. N)

Director Mahesh Upputuri probably was aiming at the so called B and C centers of audience because the multiplexes were more empty than Sonam Kapoor's brain when questioned about female rights. AR Khudhoos has given tunes for this film, tunes so unimaginative, that roadies Raghu would have seemed a little more innovative in his swearing techniques. The cinematography and camerawork wears the tag of mundaneness and the actors deliver very average performances. All in all, you're not missing out anything if you skip this one.

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