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Directed by : Chunia

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Padesave is a Telugu Rom-Com film starring Karthik and Nithya Shetty.


“Padesave will bore you to death!”

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Karthik Raju


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Padesave Audience Review

Downsized mediocrity dampened by cheap laughs!!

| by Raja Satish |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Padesave was in the news since quite some time. Nagarjuna Akkineni backed the project and also lent his voice. Then there's debutant director Chunia who has been an assistant to the legendary Raghavendra Rao. Not to forget Anup Rubens thrown into the mix. Amid all these, the lead actors are debutants. So the audience has been expecting an Uyyala Jampala kind of a film or any cool film that comes out of a big banner. Surprisingly, all those mighty expectations are dampened by a mediocre offering filled with cheap laughs, and all this in the garb of a triangular love story.

This is another Nuvve Kavali cocktail with a dash of Tuneega Tuneega, and you name it to get it love story. The director has conveniently made the hero and heroine as childhood friends to get most of those bygone moments, which we cherished for the first time when they adorned the screens at the turn of the century. Later on, he drops a second heroine who happens to be their friend and also has a crush on our hero. Now, the million dollar question is who loves whom in this tale of relationships and sacrifices. Tired of all this!

Chuniya being a female director, we expect a different perspective on the film and its narration. However, she's stuck to the age-old template and did nothing new than her male counterparts. Even women dish out a male-centric hotchpotch of love and friendship. Karthik Raj is adequate as the hero, but Vishwa Raj, the hero's friend takes the cake with this comic timing. Nithya Shetty couldn't hold the promise that's needed for such a role in this love story. The other actors just pass the muster.

The biggest drawback in the film is the way cheap laughs and thrills are thrown on an already boring narrative. A decade-old storyline has nothing new to offer and few interesting moments are marred by poor acting skills of the lead pair. When the romantic sparks couldn't fly then even the background music can't give them flight. Now you've got where I am going. And I really don't know what Ali, Raasi and Vinayakudu are doing in the film with poorly-etched characters.

The first half sets up the platform for romance and few twists that may unlock later, but the second half couldn't live to it with the climax turning too haywire and unpalatable. The songs are poorly timed and break the flow. All in all, Padesave is not a worthy investment in terms of making and watching.