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Directed by : Krishna Vamsi

Release Date : | Length : 143 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Paisa movie deals with the power of money and how the whole world revolves around it. This movie has Krishna Vamsi's hard-hitting, realistic narration and deals with the present political corruption with many real incidents as inspiration for the story.


“Paisa has an interesting plot but fumbles due to weak execution. A powerhouse performance from Nani is the only saving grace in this film. Watch it at your own risk!”

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An interesting descent

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rohit Penumatsa (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Not as talked about as RGV's but Krishna Vamsi's descent into the restless madness is an equally interesting story. A super exciting auteur until a point for whatever reasons (I have my theories, but, that would be an article in itself) had turned into this insecure and loudly eager man that would try anything to distract the audience than letting the film have a shot longer than 12 frames.

Paisa is the story of Prakash (Nani), a random vagabond who dreams of that one chance to make it big, big meaning something worth about one crore. He lives in the old city and like another example of how time hadn't moved for Telugu cinema, over the top references about living in the old city are in plenty. And these places they fake for the old city are so amateur, classic case of budget explosions without parallel technical advancement. Either amateur sets, lousy green mats or shots with Charminar in the background, as far a Charminar goes, it's historical abuse, the way we treat it in our films.

There's Noor (Katherine) who is in love with Prakash and the rich girl Sweety (Deeksha Seth) whom Prakash is after. Katherine has issues at home, loans to pay, dad died, that's sad. Sweety is the daughter of a minister who dreams of being the CM. The film is set up around a load of 50 crores that is being moved for an election campaign and the very predictable idea of how the money hungry protagonist comes in contact with it, how it changed things for him, how his behavior even with the closest of friends changed, it's basically about how money changed him, right! Interesting idea.

The cast included some popular names from the Deccani films and a bunch of new actors who are still camera shy. Nani does well, holds the audience like an effective commercial hero of old. The film wasn't a boring one, per say, but it takes a lot to sit through it even though its only about 140 minutes. For the head to handle about 893 cuts in less than a minute and of something that wasn't shot for such a pacey cut, the audience should be real brain dead to not feel irritated.

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