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Pandaga Chesko

Pandaga Chesko

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Directed by : Gopichand Malineni

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Directed by Gopichand Malineni, stars Ram, Sonal Chauhan and Rakul Preet in lead roles. Music by SS Thaman


“Not quite a Pandaga, you want to celebrate with your families. ”

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Rakul Preet Singh


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Pandaga Chesko Audience Review

In the pursuit of 'Magatanam' (manlihood)!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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'Magadante ila undali' is our filmmakers' standard template. He unites families, smashes hundreds of goons without looking Chinese, be naughty with the heroine to please horny fans. But in this epic pursuit of magatanam every thing lacks head or tail. In fact, it is a gigantic barrel of 'magadu' hormones. Kartheek (Ram) became a millionaire selling his games. Before turning 25 this genius has biochemical plant in India, far away from Portugal. An ultra-competitive businesswoman who is trying to get married to retain her property worth 3000 crores selects him. But Karthik's mom has a village flashback. Of course, why not. Obviously the flashback like all our movies involves a marriage decided by elders and that couldn't proceeds leading to two rival groups. Sampath Raj plays the role of an angry man Bhupathi Raju and Saikumar his brother-in-law. They fell apart because Sai Kumar lets his would-be wife (Sampath Raj's sister) elope with the man she loved (Rao Ramesh). It leads to Sampath Raj sending his wife back to her brother's house and that is how it has stood until Kartheek decides to unite the family.

The amazing part about our movie is that they show a young hero as the boss of a multi-million euro enterprise who hires his friend, his dad and his brother-in-law, who know nothing and make an example of dumbness. Suddenly, he has time to come to India and play out his entire sketch while the audience can safely forget about his business empire which looks so funny when they try to give it an aura of something amazing. To establish the character of a competitive woman, the director makes Sonal play a game of rugby interestingly in Portugal, instead of football. Sadly all our movie-makers know about rugby is that it is a game where someone holds an oval ball and runs towards random lines. Meanwhile Ram is asked to play basketball. Ram like Mahesh Babu, doesn't know how to play basketball and believes it involves throwing that ball in whichever way possible into a net-like thing.

Then there is the feminism tale. Our moviemakers think it is some exciting thing which will get the audience' attention. They talk punch dialogues about how women should be respected and then jump into a song sequence where our hero frolics around skimpily clad women because in the dream world everything is allowed. When all of them get together before the wedding, a very funny context, everyone is horny and is trying to do something that involves an exaggerated enacting of double-meaning dialogues. There are two villains and neither of them make sense except for screaming more punch dialogues about 'magatanam'.

The movie boasts of actors like Sai Kumar and Sampath Raj who are reduced to idiots. Director Gopichand Malineni probably has memory issues. He constantly forgets about contexts he has set 15 minutes previously. Sometimes, the enmity in Bhupathi Raju's heart is for his friend and would-be brother in law. Sometimes it is for his sister. Logically he cannot be angry on both because his sister fell in love with someone else. Kartheek tries to show him his hypocrisy. But in truth, the moviemakers are amazing hypocrites who just say strange things, have strange sequences and wierd stereotypes.

The movie is salvaged by decent comedy enacted by Brahmi (Weekand Venkata Rao). There is a funny spoof bit on the brothers' chemistry from Seetama Vakitlo. Vennela Kishore has some light-hearted moments. Anushkya (Sonal Chauhan) is a funny character, almost like a spoof, an unintentional spoof portraying how our moviemakers think of competitive business-women. Sadly, it is a movie that is terribly patchy. You could watch it for the eye candy (like the way some audiences bereft of cinematic taste prefer) or for the comedy that you have been fed for years. Otherwise, it is crap perfumed with fake scent!

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