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Directed by : Vishnuvardhan

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Jai is an orphan who is brought up by a gangster named Bhagwan. Jai becomes a loyal follower of Bhagwan and effectively counters rivals. On the other side, he falls in love with innocent Sandhya. Munna, who is the son of Bhagwan, is a spoilt brat and falls in love with Jahnavi who loves Jai. Munna kills Jahnavi for the fact t...more

Panjaa Audience Review

Uber Stylish!!

| by Raja Satish |
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PANJAA marks the reincarnation of Pawan Kalyan. In the movie, he's a man with brain and brawn, and yet with an understated presence. A person who relies on his thinking and reasoning rather than getting carried by the stream. Hence the reactions and emotions are controlled and sophisticated. Sarah Jane Dias looks uber cool as urban lass but loses the sheen when she wears half sarees to ooze some villagish aura.


Everyone in the technical department is a winner. The director's stylish treatment reminds me of the Hollywood gangster flicks. Our hero dressed in suits and sporting a close-cropped beard, his use of countdown timer in every assignment - he's shown it all. But, the actions sequences need to be choreographed to perfection. A fatal flaw - Gangsters always take cover while shootouts, but here to exhibit their heroics everybody turns suicidal.


Yuvan's music is memorable and the background score is phenomenal especially in the action sequences. It created the right mood and pace for the film. Every song is complemented with picture-perfect visuals. 'Paparayudu' number is a show stealer. I'd have loved a few more romantic numbers, though!!

tDespite the predictability of the script, the narrative is intriguing and engaging. Traditional school of thought says that a movie's success lies in its ability to sell itself to galleries and front-benchers alike. Some people started cribbing it as old-wine-in-a-new-bottle approach, run-on-the-mill stuff and other blah lines. I would rather say that most of the tales in recent times are a rehash of the older ones but the way one adorns it makes the difference.r
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tDon't miss this one... It's worth watching... :) :)r