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Directed by : Anil Ravipudi

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Nandamuri Kalyanram's Pataas is an action entertainer in the making, where the lead actor plays a cop.


“Pataas is an action comedy that works in Kalyan Ram's favour. ”

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Kalyan Ram


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Some efficient screenplay wrapping the usual cop drama!

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Rated 2.0 / 5
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Kalyan Ram's last movie was 2 years back. Probably, he was trying to figure out a way out of the rut his career was moving into. You cannot ideally say, he was looking for the right script, because Pataas doesn't boast of a sensational script either. However, with Anil Ravipudi at the helm, Kalyan Ram has taken a risk, relying heavily on an entertaining screenplay. Looks like his risk might have paid off, the movie offering its target audience the entertainment it needed.

The heroine Shruti Sodhi, plays a glamorous journalist and you know what kind of roles those are. Now that we have gotten out that disclaimer, we need to also clarify that the movie revolves around three central characters, Kalyan(Kalyan Ram), an ACP who looks to be corrupt, cooperating with politician GK(Ashutosh Rana) and antagonizing the DIG(Sai Kumar), who is a very sincere, duty bound cop. Obviously, there has to be a twist at the end, to explain why Kalyan is trying to irk the sincerity of the DIG and what his relationship with the corrupt politician is.

With an Arey O Samba remix, a couple of good comedians including MS Narayana and a good role etched out for the hero, the movie does alright on its entertainment value for the weekend movie goers. Kalyan Ram is a decent actor, but lack of good scripts means that most of his movies sank without a trace. In this one, he has taken care of his role as well as his look. With some interesting comedy contrasting the usual cop mettle, he has made sure, his performance doesn't go unnoticed. Considering these are early days, Anil could be lauded for a decent effort, although one might wonder why he picked a routine cop drama, as opposed to a host of other stories that could be weaved with a similar screenplay.

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