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Pelli Choopulu

Pelli Choopulu

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A romantic comedy film directed by Tarun Bhaskar, starring Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma in the lead roles.

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Pelli Choopulu Review - Light hearted, fun entertainer.

Rated 3.5 / 5
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Tollywood has always surpised me with such light hearted entertainers every now and then. Pellichoopulu is one such film. The director wasted no time in diving into the subject and its fun from the word go. The movie is about a "Pellichoopulu", which means the scenario where the prospective groom meets the prospective bride. OK, what happens if one prospective groom meets one prospective bride, but at the wrong place, where they were expecting a different prospective groom. So thats how the movie starts and it started to create some interest.

Its a simple plot, though there is a 99% chance of it happening in the real world but if it happens, then its really going to be fun. The dialogues were witty and funny. Each and every character had a purpose and acted brilliantly. Especially i loved the hero's friends characters. They brought the roof down with their humor. The lead pair were simply brilliant. Ritu and Vijay acted so well and held the movie together. We cant imagine anyone else in their roles, they were that awesome. Everything looked so genuine in the film.

I liked the way the movie unfolded. The couple meet, there are a few flashbacks and they how it ends. Everything seemed well planned and moved smoothly. The movie is 75% humorous with a hint of messages here and there. Definitely a movie that can be watched once and enjoyed.

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