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Pelli Choopulu

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A romantic comedy film directed by Tarun Bhaskar, starring Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma in the lead roles.

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A musical reminder of how far back Telugu movies are!

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Pelli Choopulu starts with a Woody Allen-style premise - potential bride and bridge-groom get locked in a room behind a jammed door. Confusion is compounded when they find out there was a misundersting and this one is the wrong groom in the wrong house. However, they do have enough time to exchange their tales of agony over samosa (neither of them likes ketchup over samosa - they call it sauce) and coffee. The girl Chitra (Ritu Verma) coming off a failed love story wants to go to Australia and study. The guy Prashanth (Vijay Devarakonda) wants to live off the dowry. He is a loser, your below average engineering student who never grows up.

Thankfully, the movie doesn't spawn a love story between this mismatched couple. What it does instead is creates a set of sequences that bring their life back together. The girl wants to run a food truck and the guy is a wannabe-chef. Delicious right? But wait, just when you thought it was a yummy food movie, it turns back into a rom-com. Except there is no rom. The com part has been done well with Prashant's friend (Priydarshi) creating laugh riots with his timing. He has the best jokes in the movie too and literally steals every show where he has been pitted against the hero.

Pelli Choopulu climaxes into a situation where Chitra brings the best out of a slothful loser like Prashant while benefiting from it herself. The whole arranged marriage scenario has been addressed but is probably a little cliched by now. The first half is witty but the second half uses some impossible props to take the story forward - coincidences and skits stiched together a little too amateurishly. The movie's big plus is the fact that it still gives you a decent watch despite the shoe-string budget - hardly three to four locations used and the heroine Ritu, with a few movies under her belt, the senior-most of the star-cast in the movie.

The movie also highlights how our filmmakers still have a long way to go when it comes to taking a good story and driving it to its logical end. There is always this incessant need to preach somewhere towards teh end, tell the audience, what to do, what not to do and how to think. It is about time, makers understood that the audience can comprehend subtlety. The preachiness robs the charm of the movie especially when not laced with enough wit. The movie however, walks the tightrope between delivering a story with the right mix of comedy although it does digress needlessly in the second half without conjuring the hilarious effect expected.

The movie gains massively from its music, Sakhiye being my personal favorite - fusion is working really well for South Indian movies these days and one would hope the trend continues. All in all, it is a watchable movie, that although amateurish at times and a little slow in the second half, still makes for a lovely watch. It is clean. We can't say that about too many Telugu entertainers, can we? The movie's intentions are also good with the hero being a loser and the heroine being the driving force. Thankfully, for once, the nice amazing girl doesn't fall for the loser and the loser changes instead. That is something that must be encouraged!

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