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Release Date : | Length : 100 Minutes

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Directed by Mahesh Kathi, Pesarattu stars Nandoo and Nikitha Narayan in the lead roles.


“Pesarattu is a film that fails in scale, content and treatment. Royal miss !”

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Pesarattu - Not Yummy Enough

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Pesarattu is a bizarre tale of confusions, love, spoofs and Sampoonesh Babu. Harinadh Rao a.k.a Harry (Nandu) is a US return (surprisingly) who comes to India to marry Bhavana (Nikitha Narayan). But we get introduced to the initial twist in the plot when Bhavana herself goes missing at the nick of time before her engagement. Bhavana apparently has quite an interesting past that her family members are shocked to get familiarized with. Bhavana rejects her earlier suitors when they express their wish to marry her because of some opinions she has on Love and Marriage. There are reasons for her confusion and answers to where she goes and finally, why the film is named after a dosa in the first place. But I'm here to review not reveal the plot.

Apart from being a crowd-funded film, another thing that raised curiosity was Sampoornesh Babu's special appearance. Sampoo is a phenomenon that occurs for no reason and has no explanation what so ever as to why we find him funny but we just do! Sampoo was a good addition to the film.. Both Nikitha and Nandu did pretty decent in their roles and the cinematographer did a good job of putting eye-pleasing visuals. But the movie fails to charm. The thing about aspiring young directors nowadays is to bring newer messages to audience through different films but mostly, the efforts are failing due to unprofessional executions. This movie too missed the point. The music was good but the sound mixing and dubbing seemed lacking. With a rushed climax and a hurried wrap up, this pesarattu didn't go down too well with us. Safe to say you can skip the film.

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