Pisachi (Pisaasu)

Pisachi (Pisaasu)

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Directed by : Mysskin

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  • Critics Rating 2.8/5
  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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“A norm breaking horror movie that doesn't scare ”

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Radha Ravi


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We Don't Really Get the Drift...

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Siddharth (Naga) is a lanky boy with a strang anime inspired hairstyle. He's a violinist in Chennai who claims to have played for Illairaja too. He comes across an accident on the road one day where a teenage girl (Prayaga) dies despite his attempts to save her life. Traumatized with a sense of guilt, Siddharth holds on to one of her slippers as a memory. Tring to deal with depression, he goes and plays violin in subway stations with blind people and drives around aimlessly. Slowly strange things start happening and it is revealed that his house is indeed haunted by a ghost. The plot reveals slows why the ghost haunts him and his house, the identity of the ghost and some closure to the entire situation.

This Tamil film dubbed in Telugu directed by Mysskin and produced by famous director Bala either got lost in dubbing or we just didn't get the drift. The film was excruciatingly slow despite all the excellent cinematography and direction. The ghost scares and chills were effective but very few in number. After sometime, the mystery about the ghost dissolves and she'll just be hanging around in one screen, in long shots, in full perspective, in her ghost "uniform" of sorts… with the eerie hair and dead rotting skin and creepy crawling moments… you know, that's kind of the standard expectation from all the ghosts nowadays.

Naga's acting was like cousin IT from Adam's Family… well, that's a lot of hair and no face we're talking about. Speaking of Adam's Family, the ghost of the dead girl pretty much chills in their world, stealing bottle openers, putting back broken vases, dragging people around, and crawling back into the chimneys. She's a fiscal genious too… she'll sniff out frauds from the real ones and save money from getting wasted.

Somewhere down the line, the movie that starts off as a dull dark horror drama with a glamorously depressed protagonist ends up as an unintentionally funny boring, out of place joke, that has fizz-less drama. The climax of the story that gives the final twist is an innovation from the regular horror plots but so much mediocrity and silliness just takes you away from the film's core.

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