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Pisachi (Pisaasu)

Pisachi (Pisaasu)

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Directed by : Mysskin

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  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Pisachi (Pisaasu) is a horror movie directed by Mysskin and stars Radha Ravi in the lead role


“A norm breaking horror movie that doesn't scare ”

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Radha Ravi


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Pisachi (Pisaasu) Audience Review

Mysskin’s version of Muni series + Naga’s Anandhapurathu Veedu..!!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Pisaasu, directed by Mysskin and produced by Director Bala. Bala & Mysskin name's can create the much needed hype for a movie. When these two join hands for a one particular story, the hype for Pisaasu goes sky high. So, let's see whether Pisaasu did the job like Mysskin's yesteryear's super hit thrillers.

Pisaasu's story line is unique and so different from usual horror movies. But somewhere down the line, I felt it has the fix of base plots from Muni series and Anandhapurathu Veedu. While the story line of Pisaasu is, what does a person fails in love just before their last breath?

Siddharth meets Bhavani in an accident and tries to help her. But she dies holding his hands. Bhavani's death affects his day to day life. Then he gets to know that Bhavani is still with him in the form a ghost. Well, there comes the interesting twist of this story, Bhavani loves him even after her death and cares for him. So, what happened to Siddharth then is the rest story with predictable screenplay.

Mysskin's story telling way and dark with thrilling screenplay are his power points. But, Pisaasu misses these both. Screenplay is so predictable, no nail biting or seat edge moments. If you are a clean Mysskin's fan, you will be disappointed with Pisaasu. Naga, a new comer played the lead role with a rocking performance. Another notable performance is from the classic actor Radha Ravi, rest all did their job well. BGM are the horror movie's heart beat, this film's BGM work is not up to mark as compared to other Mysskin's films. Overall, Pisaasu can be watched once with fewer thrills and no horror..!!!

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