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Directed by : Gnana Saghar

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Player revolves around a story of a brilliant student who needs quick cash to save his mother's life. He joins a group of students under the leadership of an unorthodox professor. This group of students make use of their math skills to win big in gambling. But he learns that the stakes are higher than ever.


“It's a shame that this remake has been directed so poorly.”

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Praveen Raj


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A bad remake of 21!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Director Gnana Sagar picked up 21 and decided to make a Telugu movie out of it. He picked up a bunch of other actors with little or no acting prowess to be the smart students who can rip a casino through card counting. The whole story plays out in Hong Kong where apparently the casino doesn't have the same security systems. Nagineedu is the teacher who puts the team together and interestingly, he thinks it is an excellent business opportunity, delivering a boring speech to a bunch of amateurish actors, some with fake accents and other with terrible makeup. The villain is almost funny, especially when you are forced to look at close-ups. The second half is about what he does to tackle the group that is looting him and has been foolish enough to carry it on for so long that the doubt finally comes back on them despite a bunch of morons in the casino surveillance room. Amidst all this nonsense, they someone also found it possible to introduce a romantic angle while copying a bunch of soundtracks from popular songs from around the world.

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