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Pramadam is a telugu horror film.


“Pramadam is a decent attempt for a horror drama but offers nothing new.”

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Horrible horror movie!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Name a movie where a group of silly friends decide to go on a vacation, have their vehicle screwed up and end up at a haunted house in the middle of nowhere? Confused?? Because there are millions of such movies? Exactly. That is why this movie is just redundant and has nothing new to offer. In the modern day and era where you have mobile phones, where even if you meet with an accident and your car is in terrible shape you can get to the nearest town instead of just settling down in some random house, this movie is really out of place, pun intended.

Besides, friends deciding to not question why they should settle down that has all the amenities in a desolate place without finding out what exactly is the situation and who the owner is, makes for even more stupidity. As expected, it is only a matter of time, before numbers in the group start dwindling and the remaining ones have to make a run for their lives. While the setting is interesting, the movie pretty much is a big dud in everything else. Neither the acting is thrilling nor is the screenplay or direction.

Sometimes, it feels like movies like these are made by people whose very idea of horror movies is half-cooked for definitely, it takes a lot more to scare people out of their wits apart from bad makeup, a bunch of dunderheads on a vacation and some cliched storyline.

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