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Prema Katha Chitram

Prema Katha Chitram

3.6 2,454 Ratings

Directed by : J. Prabhakar Reddy

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

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Prema Katha Chitram is a comedy movie directed by J. Prabhakar Reddy and stars Sudheer Babu in the lead role


“Although Prema Katha Chitram is a comedy thriller with a predictable plot, Nandita’s performance, high comedy quotient and the background score make it a decent one-time watch. ”

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Sudheer Babu


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Prema Katha Chitram Audience Review

Double entendres are the flavor of the season!!

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Welcome to the land of double entendres. To everyone's surprise, in recent times, they have become money spinners for tinsel town. Inject a few in the narrative or inject the narrative into them, then the movie is a winner. This successful formula has spawned a new genre of films, and the experts are still trying to figure out a name for such a genre of comedy.

Sometimes your reputation becomes a cast-iron straitjacket from which it becomes difficult to break out. Or, you never want to break out. Director Maruthi is a living testimony for this adage. He's third time lucky tweaking this newly created genre and one should admit that he's getting better at it. Unlike his previous outings, this one is a little CLEAN. Can't think of a better word for that.

Prema Katha Chitram is the new film from Maruthi Talkies. This is directed by cinematographer turned director J Prabhakar Reddy under the supervision of Maruthi. That's what the posters say. The movie sets three premises and progresses with much needed twists and turns giving it a tinge of a love story and a horror-thriller.

The film opens with a graffiti montage of suicides and its problems - in a typical Puri Jagannadh way of introducing Itlu Shravani Subramanyam and Nenu Naa Rakshasi. Then it shifts gears to a horror film. That's not all. There's an undercurrent of love all through the film. These things are topped with double meaning dialogues. As you know, this is a Maruthi film and you have heavy doses of them. All these sub-plots culminate in the climax revealing the motive of the film.

After SMS, this is the second film for Sudheer Babu. He's given flash in the pan performances especially when he shows fear and angst in his face. Apart from that he barely acts. There are umpteen comic moments in the film, but they are ripened by the supporting cast and not the lead actor. He makes you feel as if he's a caricature amid all the rollicking characters. New comer Nanditha is a revelation. As told in the film, she's really a cute and sweet girl. Her cherubic smile is to die for and her menacing looks keeps your spirits alive. Her character is the nerve centre of the film. Other actors do their parts well and make the film entertaining. The entire movie rides high on the comedy and the interval bang beats your imagination to pulp.

The scene involving Kauravas and Pandavas is a laugh riot. So are other fun-filled moments in the film. JB's background score enhanced the film considerably. The remixed version of Vennalaina Cheekataina from Pacchani Kaapuram was shot well cutting between a dream sequence and the painful reality of the lead characters. J Prabhakar Reddy handled both the roles - camera work and direction perfectly. There's never a dull moment in the film. S B Uddhav did a good job as the editor keeping the runtime close to 2 hours. No dragged scenes and no dragged emotions. Good to see the film without melodrama and tear-jerking moments.

Wait, that's not all. A complaint has to be lodged against the climax which is a letdown and stands as a sore thumb in the film. That's so routine and so run-on-the-mill. This was predicted miles before but the expectations soared high in the second half. Barring that the movie is a decent one time watch.

Bottom-line: An archetypal Maruthi film with a dash of love, horror, thrills, chills and loads of double entendres. And if you want a message, there's also something in store.

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