Prema Prayanam

Prema Prayanam

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Directed by : Ravi Kumar

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Manoj Nandam


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Awful journey!!

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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When you a low budget film you expect minimal production values but decent performances from the cast and a proper sequencing of the events. Alas! The movie Prema Prayanam offers none. The characters lack emotional layering and on top of it, they carry the same expression for every scene. It's better if we call them caricatures rather than characters.

Prema Prayanam is a love story (for the lack of a better term I am forced to call it a love story). The lead pair in the movie is Manoj Nandam and Neetu Agarwal. Most of the film is shot in a village and even urban-ish. They were also shot in some town to save some money. The story revolves around a poor guy falling in love with a rich girl. Apart from Nagineedu, Chitram Seenu and Posani Krishna Murali you can't see any notable actors in the movie's star cast.

The film falls flat in many areas and editing is one many chink in its armor. In the interval, the heroine says NO to hero's proposal but after the interval they were seen loving and emoting for each other. They are singing, dancing without any connection. The worst part in the film is when they have copied the college footage from Sye and pasted it here.

The thread of mother sentiment was pulled perfectly to some extent but was given a dismal finish at the end with an untimely song. The heroine is given a heavy dose of make-up that makes her callous to any kind of expression. The only saving grace for the film is the hero's performance and breezy comedy provided by the supporting cast.

The character of Nagineedu is grossly wasted and he couldn't bring out his natural flair for such villainous roles. Posani offered some occasional laughs. The friends bunch of hero, both in the village and the city, tried to induce forced laughter but failed to deliver that. Most of them are seen without make up and some seems to be picked up just from nowhere.

Watch Prema Prayanam with no expectations. It's made on a shoe-sting budget and gives the feel of a bloated TV serial. At times you feel the ones on television are much better than this flick. The first half of the film is loaded with songs - and engineering colleges are used as their locations. The second half is short and brings in some goons and a typical I-die-for-my-love-if-you-try-to-hurt-him stance of heroine.

Don't try to come close to this film, not even its poster.

My Rating: Expectation - 5/10; Reality - 2/10

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