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Directed by : Santhosh Srinivas

Release Date : | Length : 165 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.2/5
  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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“Rabhasa is just another over-blown display of the tried and tested hit making formula. Its only plus point is Jr NTR breaking the laws of gravity with his stunts. Skip it, unless you are a fan! ”

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Rabhasa – Old Wine; Old Bottle Too.

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Psst… You! Yeah you! Wanna know a secret? You know how Hollywood makes more money from the same old plots with spin offs, sequels, prequels and parallel new versions all loaded with ginormous budgets and VFX? Well, we Telugu folks have our own way of doing something like that… it's all in the sacred formula. Adhere to the plot, just replace a new hero every once in 2 months and bam! Another insignificant 100 crore worth project is in your lap! Power star, young tiger, mega power star, power tiger wild star, starry mega super power tiger star - whatever the derivative from the sum total of titles of existing actors in the family, multiplied by the budget that rich producers can muster, divided by any sane logical doubt that the audience might outsmart them - that, ladies and gentlemen, is the formula that has been keeping the ball rolling.

Plot: Rabhasa is a representation of an idea, an idea that has been used over and over again. Hero Karthik (in this case Jr. NTR) has a family that was separated from another part of the family for no real rhyme or reason. The hero, along with his trusted minions/friends/sidekicks/whatever-you-call-them decides to infiltrate the long lost family with a hidden identity and out of some confusion managers to woo the wrong girl. But since destiny has its way, and destiny takes great pleasure in playing riddles with the hero and heroine's life, he finally ends up with the girl. Samantha is the girl and Pranitha Subhash is the mistake… combination sounds familiar? Then our hero even has a few other enemies that were consequence of his moral acts of philanthropy towards young couples who elope and get married. After a lot of songs, commotion, fights and more fights, we see all of Karthik's headaches have gathered under roof (including the heroine). Now it's time to launch missile Brahmanandam and Ali. And after they are thoroughly beat up in confusion, we finally are blessed with a happy ending. So was that a spoiler alert or what?! It was more like an Attarintiki Daaredi reload and reboot - and stuff down our throats.

Cast and crew: Have no fear, the formula is here. The all-sacred formula guides all creatures under it's divinity - NTR was being the young tiger he usually is, umm.. that's a cub right? His acting, fighting, dancing, dialogue delivery, all that are not any more imaginative then what you have seen of him or any other stars lately. Samantha and Pranitha bring a dizzy sense of Deja vu from their older film. Bellamkonda Suresh has made a well-oiled machine that practically runs itself - Santhosh Srinivas the director displays no skills that separates him from the whole lot of others who have made similar films in the past. The music too is painfully monotonous, that's Thaman's unique trait. Brahmanandan is just about the same in every film nowadays.

If you're a true die hard NTR fan, then you are probably not be reading this review anyway - you must be out there watching the first day first show. But if you're not, then just watch it to see how old wine can be served again and again, even it's not a new bottle. STATUTORY WARNING: If you have Attarintiki Daaredi, Race Gurram, Baadshaah, Dukudu etc fresh in your memory, then watching Rabhasa may cause further and permanent brain damage.

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