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Race Gurram

Race Gurram

3.7 7,853 Ratings

Directed by : Surender Reddy

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  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Race Gurram is a story of 2 brothers with different ideologies. While one brother follows the law, the other one has got his own way to do the things. Shruti Haasan is the love interest of Allu Arjun in this power-packed action entertainer.


“Race Gurram is revenge entertainer that has a predictable story-line and outrageous action sequences. Performances of Allu Arjun and Brahmanandam make the film a one-time watch.”

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Allu Arjun

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Race Gurram is a story we all know by heart.

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Imagine men who are smart, funny, brave, adventorous, impossibly talented and come with the ability to make everybody happy. They can do strange things sometimes- fight, act, dance, cry, laugh, love and win.

Remember this, the kind of men I am talking about, will always win. The world and its people around would only complement such men. The only thing they lack is failure.

There are no human flaws in these men we are talking about. They can never be wrong or have anything wrong about them.

Imagine if such men were real, alive and breathing. Obviously we would want them to be our leaders or represent us as a race. Because we would be unanimous in our belief, in assuming that these imaginary men can lead us into the future.

It is possible that such men can exist only if in the world of our cinema.

Sitting in the theatre alone and watching the moving images on the screen, I realised these possibilities are another story, another cinema we are all subconciously watching never to see the end of it. Because there is no end to fantasy and there is no end to the projections it will instill in our world.

In short, there can be no respite from the Race Gurrams and "heroes", ever.

Race Gurram is a film we all know by heart. A story we have learnt from the innumerous other Race Gurrams that have filled our lives as "entertainment".

I will say this and only this-

Allu Arjun plays Allu Arjun in this film. As does Shruti Hassan who makes a lot of effort playing herself. There are other colorful characters jumping around on screen, but they add only a small flavour to the essentially tasteless cinema you are forced to watch.

The only thing, the ONLY thing I liked about Race Gurram was the softened, comfortable camerawork with no harsh lighting or obscene coloring. Thank you Manoj Paramahamsa for doing that much.

Everything else was just Telugu cinema.

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