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Racha is an out and out commercial entertainer starring Ram Charan Teja opposite Tamannaah. The film was launched by none other than the superstar Chiranjeevi.

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With loads of small budget movies making waves in the recent past, everyone seems to have lost their hopes on high-budget, star studded films. To prove this hypothesis there emerges an extravaganza titled "Racha." The film, as everyone expected to be a welcome break this summer, did not try to break the clichxe9 and nestled in a safety net of formulaic story (if there's any) and screenplay which you have seen in zillions of other Telugu movies. The story (pardon me folks, for lack of a better word I'm calling it "story" again and again) is predictable and one can foretell the next step from miles away. Lackluster scenes, poor styling and extremely amateurish execution makes it an ensemble made from crap.


The only saving grace of the movie is the protagonist Ram Charan and the comedy track. Once the comedians leave the scene, they take away the movie's soul with them. Ram Charan proves himself as a hero material with his voice, looks and screen presence. He has honed his acting skills and is better than other star sons of his age. He dances to songs exalting his father's blood, genes, etc., but accepting this film and taking more than an year to complete it is not appreciated and may raise questions on his pedigree. Mani Sarma turned bland, blander, blandest with his songs in the film. Naah Naah Naah, you can't count in "Vaana Vaana" it's the great Bappi Lahiri's number.


To cut the long story short - It's Allu Arjun & V V Vinayak's "Bunny" remade with Ram Charan by some one film old director, Sampath Nandi. Watch it if your ticket is sponsored and if you have some suicidal tendency mongering over your head!!