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Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

2.6 398 Ratings

Directed by : Pradeep (Telugu)

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Raja Cheyyi Veste is an action thriller starring Nara Rohit in the lead role.


“Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is another one of those usual Nara Rohit entertainers.”

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Nara Rohit

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Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Review - A lazy game of cat and mouse!

Rated 2.0 / 5
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The trailer looked impressive and the expectations soar up. Everyone expects a similar spinoff from in the whole film. Of course, the trailer is bits-and-pieces from the film. But alas! Raja Cheyyi Vesthe proves this preconceived notion to be wrong with few heavy borrowings and many mediocre offerings. The central theme is ripped off from The Box and there are many deviations and variations plugged into the narrative. On the outside, the film takes forcefully tries to be a thriller, but, on the inside, it's so hollow to show something it intended to do.

Raja Ram (Nara Rohit), an aspiring director, narrates one of his scripts to his girlfriend in a coffee shop. The people sitting there listen to it and get captivated with the story and the climax. At that place, there are few groups who are victims of the grave acts of Manik (Taraka Ratna). One of them pretends to be a big director and asks Raja to write a love story and later on a climax to an action film. Later on, Raja realizes that he has been used as a pawn to wipe-off Manik. A few twists here and there, a boring love track, a lazy flashback and an overstretched climax pull the curtains on Raja Cheyyi Vesthe.

The film opens with a bang and later on drips into a different terrain. Again there are scenes to amp up the excitement levels followed by series of boring scrapes. The entire movie marries this structure of force-fitting few intriguing pieces in a mixture of a dull and dilapidating screenplay. More time is spent on the villain character, the make-up and establishment, which leaves a little scope to root for the hero. Director Pradeep Chilukuri might be a staunch believer of Alfred Hitchcock's take on the villain as he also displayed that quote in the opening credits.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is a waste of too much time and talent. A great line up of supporting cast gets nothing much to do. Few technical high-points couldn't catapult the film into something interesting. The background score is heavily influenced from Ilayaraja - even the terrace song, which reminds the one from Manirathnam's Anjali. The hero and heroine remain as mere caricatures. However, the razor-sharp dialogues were satiating as they pump in philosophy into the film.

To sum it up, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is a lazy game of cat and mouse with little sparks of brilliance that couldn't save the film from ending up being a wet firecracker.

Raja Cheyyi VestheRaja Cheyyi VestheRaja Cheyyi VestheRaja Cheyyi VestheRaja Cheyyi VestheRaja Cheyyi Vesthe