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Avunu Part 2

Avunu Part 2

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Directed by : Ravi Babu

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Directed by Ravi Babu, stars Harshavardhan Rane, Sanjjana, Nikhita and Poorna in lead roles.


“Avunu 2 is barely engaging, also putting its potent prequel to shame. ”

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Nikhita Thukral


Avunu Part 2 Audience Review

That Awkward Moment When a Ghost Wants Rough Sex with You

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Avuna 2 is the continuing saga of Mohini and Harsha, a young couple who are tormented by a spirit that very awkwardly and relentlessly wants to get laid. Avunu 2 keeps you on the edge of the seat, not out of excitement but due to lack of patience, so you can slip out of the theatre to save yourself from the dread.

The film has good narration, cold and grey visuals symbolic of the impending horror that will decend on the unassuming couple. But the biggest disappointment is the background score - when you have a ghost/spirit doing really loud, annoying orgasmic sounds, the horror and suspense just drowns. The ooooo's, aaaaahhh's and ooohoooo's that the pervy spirit keeps making are audible only to us poor audience where as the girl, mohini continues to carry on with her house hold like nothing ever happened to her. This is a true test of patience!

Ravi Babu has a penchant for technology and gadgets and he manages to bring in that cool element into whichever genre of films he deals with. In Avunu Part-1, you have an automated house where lights come on when there is a person in the room. So its meant to creep you out everytime the lights are going on when the rooms are empty. But this time, he goes a notch higher. The room fresheners are in abundance - like under dining tables, because yes, that's where we'd secretly fart when the food gets too spicy. These keep going off when the ghost passes, a little too often, making it a little too annoying rather than creepy. And the spirit (some Raju Gadu) has some seriously kinky tastes after turning into a haunted spirit - like doggy style rapes, lifting off nighties while the chick is sleeping, going down under dining tables.

There have been stories of scientific experiments where bodies sealed in a glass coffin are monitored after induced lab controlled death. It is said that the weight of the coffin changes signifying the spirit leaving the body. But we've already established that the makers of this film don't believe in subtleties, so we get to see the coffin shattering into pieces after the death of a poor guy in vegetative state - the spirit must have really gotten bored marinating in there. The infrared cameras even catch the thermal image (or something like that) of the spirit strutting around in the room and opening the room and getting lost!

As if we didn't have enough annoyance in one film, a major part of the screen-time is eaten by this one character, the annoying loud fighter-cock neighbor, whose responses have no connection to the stimuli acting on him. He refers to his wife as 'Bangaram' and he has the worlds complaints with everyone else around him. Although he was supposed to be funny, he only gives you heart burn.

Avunu although has good camera work and direction, suffers from what I called the Tollywood-Mellodrama syndrome, where the makers whole to make a film appeal to masses by turning up levels of volume and stupidity.

Nonetheless, part 2 was somewhat of a dissappointment when compared to part1.Avunu 2 couldn't have used a lot more toning down to make it effectively scary.

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