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Directed by : Lawrence Raghavendra

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  • Critics Rating 2.9/5
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Revenge, Style, Power, Lover, Hunk He is all of them. He stands up for his love, his feelings, he moves to the groove, he lives to love, He kills to feel and fights for justice.

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An Incruciating Experience

| by Rajiv Menon |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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In a desperate attempt to prove he's an all-rounder, choreographer-turned-filmmaker Ragava Lawrencce, as expected weaves a loud, nonsensical action revenge film that runs close to three hours and in the process sucks the life out of the audience. 'Rebel', starring Prabhas, Tamannah and Deeksha is worth the time for some spectacular action and comical scenes.

The story follows the life of Rishi, son of Mafia Don Bhupathi, who wants to avenge the death of his father come what may. In the first half, Rishi is happily in love with an orphan Deepali, however, after the death of his father, he moves to Hyderabad in search of Roberts and Stefen. He comes to learn about the two persons and moves to Bangkok, where he woos a hip hop dancer Nandini. Through Nandini, in the name of love, Rishi takes revenge on the villains.

For the infinite time we are made to sit through a story that's been told and retold over the years. The industry is definitely in short of story ideas or maybe they are too adamant or lazy to innovate. I suppose they're too lazy because they're so much effort that goes in the process to innovate, which undoubtedly our filmmakers lack.

Lawrencce's idea of entertainment is as the following - Glorified hero, a veteran hero just to draw more audience to the theatre, couple of sexy actresses and lots of oomph moment and comedy that'll make you puke. Imagine if all filmmakers decide to replicate this sutra then we'll definitely be left with no good films to watch.

Tamannah sizzles in her role as a hip hop dancer and boy she can dance extremely well. Although, she doesn't have much to display as an actor, she puts up a sleaze fest and impresses one and all with her skin and dancing skills. Prabhas carries his clichxe9d role in style but it's really irritating to see him mouth cheesy dialogues. Deeksha barely has any role to play, while Krishnam Raju's presence doesn't make much of a difference.

Ragava's direction screams boredom and so does his music. He's one of the best choreographers and proof to that is the way he makes Tamannah dance. He definitely deserves to be applauded for choreographing some amazing dance movies in the film.

'Rebel' is pain in the wrong place.