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Directed by : Lawrence Raghavendra

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Revenge, Style, Power, Lover, Hunk He is all of them. He stands up for his love, his feelings, he moves to the groove, he lives to love, He kills to feel and fights for justice.

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Rated 1.5 / 5

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Only two things MAY work for this movie - actor Prabhas' personality AND actor Krishnam Raju's guest role.

But then there is the real possibility of wasting these two in this 'nothing new at all' story. The story being that of a young man on an avenging rampage. So what one really sees is a lot of smashing up of human beings (male, female , females dressed as males and very hairy, greasy men draped in sarees !!??).

Also to be seen are cars - catapulting cars, white cars, burning cars, flying cars.

Oh and did one forget the ketchup or whatever passes for fake blood nowadays. Blood (or ketchup) from cuts, wounds, abdomens and spurting from the mouth, nose, brains...........

Why this compulsion to show our hero as an all rounder? Strong, silent, comedic, dancer, lover boy twice over, college boy, fighter, do-gooder. Too much and not convincing.

The characters are not well etched... they are over the place.

The story is all over the place. Including Bangkok but of course.

Why Bangkok? Why dance in Bangkok with the noble citizens of Bangkok gaping? Why take Brahmanandam to Bangkok and slap him around?

Overall Prabhas' potential (for action especially) was under utilized. Comedy was not Prabhas' forte in this film at all. AND SLAPPING BRAHMANANDAM A ZILLION TIMES IS NOT COMEDY! That was painful to watch.

Tamanna - pretty girl but she should not have acted or danced at all ! . Her over acting and 'overdancing' were over the top (!). She should have just stood in the frame and looked pretty. But one may be wrong here, judging by the crazy catcalls and whistles in the theatre every time she wiggled her hips and abs.

Deeksha Seth makes an appearance late into the movie and after some frolicking and weeping dons a grey wig as a music teacher.

But one must say after all these years Krishnam Raju still has screen presence.

So the presence of the uncle and nephew duo is about all there is to 'Rebel'.

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