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Directed by : Darling Swamy

Release Date : | Length : 84 Minutes

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Romance is a comedy movie directed by Darling Swamy and stars Prince in the lead role


“Extended narration, bad screenplay and an amateurish plot make this clichéd rom-com a boring film. Skip it.”

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‘Testing tool’ for LOVE!!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The hype and hoopla surrounding around a movie brings you to the cinema on day one, early in the morning. Yes, that's right. 9 am is too early for a movie. You know there aren't big stars in the film but one name entices you, the name of Maruti and his trademark of a 'Maruti film' or 'Maruti presents.' So the expectations mount with every passing scene and sometime you realize that film-makers have stopped pushing the envelope and only resorted to refining the genre. Alas! The film Romance fails to do either. What starts as a breezy entertainer bleeds with a hackneyed plot and performances. The fim advocates one point all through, to test something or someone before trying, and this film serves as a trial room for LOVE.

The film starts with a wannabe director narrating his story to a rowdy-ish producer. He takes it through various characters and the lady love that crosses his path. He is always on a quest to find a perfect girl, and tests everyone to know whether they fall in the ambit of his imagination or not? Some chance happenings and the story slides into break-ups and patch-ups that are the need of the hour. The first half passes with the guy testing the gals and the second half indulges in the gal helming the operation. Their job is to find whether their partner is perfect or not?

Not to forget the euphemistic cuss words and double entendres those adorn the narrative. This story goes back and forth in time and paves a way for the excruciating second half that culminates into a torturous climax. Is it a story of love, or one that involve relationships? Don't ever bring those two words here. It's just a mash-up by a toddler-ish director.

The performances of Prince, Dimple and Manasa are near perfect for the story. Prince is at his ease in pulling of this role which borders on comedy and emotion. Dimple's glam-dollish antics are a treat for eyes and she fills the air with some candy floss. Manasa had a less scope but managed to shine through the entire film. As all the other movies filling this genre, the film rides on the crest wave from the performances of the supporting cast. Sometimes you feel that they submerged the lead characters with their crackling presence.

The music in the film is lilting, and Sai Karthik lightens up the scenes with his background score. He sounds repetitive at times but on the whole makes his mark. Editor Uddhav must be blamed for not restricting the run-time. The prolonged scenes in the hostel could have been chopped to maintain a decent length. The production department did a splendid job staying in the limits of a tight budget.

Romance only tries to target the youth. And it believes that they are all ears for sex talks on college campuses and their major chunk of time goes into this. They embark on a journey to find a 'virgin' girl - for marriage or for a casual fling. It sounds outrageous, at least for me. Director 'Darling' Swamy takes this as the plot element and weaves a story around it. What he forgets to learn is that an overdose of spice makes the dish bland, and that's what happened with this film.

Alhough the first half was entertaining, the second one falls prey to monotony and an extended narration. Wait! Most of the scenes and set-up of the later half have a striking similarity to a recent Varun Sandesh film Saradaga Ammayitho.

Watch the film if you have nothing important to do this weekend. It tickles you funny bone for a while but for that you have to bear the brunt of relentless boredom. And please don't get carried away by the film and design some testing tools for love!

My Rating: Expectation - 6/10; Reality - 4/10

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