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3.2 242 Ratings

Directed by : Gopi Ganesh

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Romeo is an action-comedy movie directed by Gopi Ganesh and stars Sai Ram Shankar in the lead role


“With poor direction, below average performance , weak screenplay and mediocre music, Romeo is barely watachable. Feel free to avoid it.”

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Sai Ram Shankar


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Romeo Audience Review

A 'pretty' movie and decent script undone by bad promotion and debutant lead pair!

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Romeo is the story of a guy who is lovesick and finds himself being given a very interesting chance. This is not a Puri Jagannadh movie, per se, although, the story was written by him and features Sairam Shankar, his younger brother, as Kittu in the lead role. However, Gopi Ganesh directed the movie as if it came out of the Puri stable. Rich, affluent, sumptuous shots of a foreign locale, in this case, Rome and Verona, a hero who is neither sophisticated nor extremely good-looking but using a daredevil-die-hard-passion-for-the-girl as his USP, a heroine who is supremely sophisticated and gets the hell teased and stalked out of her by the hero with chauvinistic shades - the movie could be a Puri movie.

Kittu finds a girl touring Rome, a girl who reminds him of the past. He tries every which way to get her attention, befriend her and get close to her. There are no lines to his strategies, moral or ethical and eventually, he has to face up to her. He does so with lot of chutzpah, with the backing of a family that is just as unconventional. The bits by Ravi Teja and Ali, as Kittu's elder brother and uncle are particularly hilarious. Adonika playing the bubbly, confused heroine goes overboard with her acting in a lot of scenes, almost like the poor man's "Colours Swati". Sairam Shankar, doesn't have the looks of a conventional hero and neither does his voice command your attention. However, he fit the role of a troubled, obsessed lover with not-so-urban upbringing. The movie also has the Puri trademark 'women should be like this' scene which by then you would start to expect. Subbaraju, who plays Adonika's boy friend has a guest role, a very cliched, business oriented guy, who helps in Kittu making his case for a true lover. Guest roles by Jaya Sudha and Naga Babu add touches to a movie which is more a collage of other bit roles and just two central roles. A more mature director could have handled the script a little better and a better lead pair, could have ensured the attention to the theme that the script was willing to touch but failed to in the end.

The opulence of most of the scenes, in the backdrop as the story plays out between the lead pair, is particularly charming, accentuated by wonderful tunes. The cinematography by PG Vinda and music by Sunil Kashyap are so brilliant, the two members of the crew would have had several offers lined up for them, had the movie released on time years ago. But, financial issues ensured that the movie didn't end up on the screens on time. Delayed for a long while, the movie also suffers from lack of promotion. In fact, the movie could be a classy example for how much even a decent movie without super-stars, needs promotion to ensure good openings. In the absence of all that, the movie, in spite of being one of the better options in a slightly disappointing phase of the year, hasn't garnered all the attention. It is not a great movie, but it is a movie that would neither bore you nor annoy you, something that cannot be said about a lot of Telugu movies offlate.

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