3.0 545 Ratings

Directed by : C. H. Subba Reddy

Release Date : | Length : 153 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.0/5
  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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“Barely engaging screenplay and lifeless acting makes this movie a complete yawn-fest. ”

Rough Credit & Casting


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Rough – Painfully Routine

Rated 2.0 / 5

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I have a question for the film makers - how many times is the smart-cookie of a hero going to outsmart the heroine's brother/father into agreeing to an obvious happily-ever-after between the hero and heroine. All the peppy songs in the world, a Punjabi-Kudi-dressed-in-Telugu Attire, all the comedians and items songs, all the expensive foreign locations in the world and designer clothes will not make the movie any bit interesting if this plot is going to be used one more time.

Story - * Yawn * Chanti (Adi) is an orphan with issues, his father refuses to marry his mother after get her knocked up and as a result, he looses his parents. He grows up with the singular concept that love must always lead to a wedding, that is true love, otherwise, the scene becomes worthy of a fight sequence. And so he falls for Nandini (Rakul Preet), a girl with a golden heart and a business tycoon of brother (Sri Hari). Sri Hari also has temper problems and is possessive about his sister. Chanti gets his kick in challenging the brother that he will make his little sister fall for him and that the brother himself will ask him to marry her. All this happens while Nandini has no clue of Chanti's naughty side and befriends him and confides in him about her brother's encounters with the mischief-maker. Anyway… after some twists and turns, some confusions and fights, Bam! Happy Ending.

Terribly routine story with a few unimaginative twists. But since I've seen worse this weekend, this movie is still a better bet. Adi has that young, smarty-pants hero quality, reminds of Ram or Nithin. If his movies do well and he continues to do movies like this, he'll be okay, making an addition to the stereotypes we have no dearth of in TFI. Rakul is growing in popularity and this film, although shot a long time ago, releasing so close to her other hits, will add to her market value. We should be seeing a lot more of her. Sri Hari, may his soul rest in peace, looked quite groomed and was eerie to see him on screen. The director is C.H.Subba Reddy, and the unimaginative plot reflects highly on his capabilities too. Mani Sharma's music has the routine touch too.

All in all, watch it is you have nothing better to do.

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