Routine Love Story

Routine Love Story

3.5 952 Ratings

Directed by : Praveen Sattaru

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Sandeep Kishan

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Routine Love Story

Rated 3.0 / 5

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The title song was promising and the movie does not disappoint either. It is always nice to see a movie that is not hyped and yet is a pleasant watch.

The cast is young and fortunately does not compensate for the lack of experience with over-the-top-precociousness.

The story is straightforward enough. Boy meets girl in college. Falls for her hook, line and sinker. One of them wants a relationship, the other is unsure. Do they take their friendship forward or.......??

This much popular theme of teen romance may have been flogged to death but what is nice in this movie is that it is kept realistic enough. HOWEVER, the movie will probably invite a niche audience - the young set.

Young Regina is competent and capable. Her portrayal was believable. She is natural and does not need outlandish costumes and makeup to carry her role. Good things in future for her.

Sandeep Kishan too is capable but he has to be very careful and restrained or he may traipse into 'overacting-land).

The rest of the young cast - the students, were also very well cast. The film does not have crass humour. In fact the scene where the hero's neighbour gives him 'gyan' on women is good.

The director ,Praveen Sattaru, does not showcase the hero's fighting prowess with outlandish stunts OR his torso OR his dancing skills to impress us. That in itself was refreshing.

It was also very nice to see actor Chandra Mohan make an appearance as the hero's father.

Good watch for the young crowds and if Mother and Father want to tag along - goody !!