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Rowdy Fellow

Rowdy Fellow

3.5 293 Ratings

Directed by : Chaitanya Krishna

Release Date : | Length : 151 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Starring Nara Rohith and Visakha Singh in the lead roles, Rowdy Fellow is being directed by the debutant Krishna Chaitanya.


“Rowdy Fellow is a complete Nara Rohit entertainer. Good performances, stylish cinematography and foot-tapping numbers makes this otherwise usual revenge saga interesting. One time watch!”

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Nara Rohit

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When Style said “Hello! Telugu Cinema, Nice to meet you”

Rated 3.0 / 5

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In a land of Demigod heroes and die-hard fans, occasionally sneaks in a film or two, for those film enthusiasts who are in for an experience rather than a stress buster; If you look forward to deep story telling, larger than life characterizations and surreal experiences in a film, when a Telugu film can somewhat offer you that, you'll probably go 'Not bad! Nicely Done Bro'.

Rowdy Fellow was one such film with praiseworthy cinematography, background scores and direction that adds to Nara Rohith's reputation of choosing the less treaded paths. All movies have their flaws and so does this one, but in an attempt to give credit where its due, I'll say Rowdy Fellow was brilliantly framed. If it weren't for a slightly slow, digressed second half, this film would actually be a chip on Telugu Cinema's shoulder.

Story: Rana Pratap Jaydev (Nara Rohit) is a spoilt brat with a deep conscience and a short temper. He rubs a cop and a local minister's goons in the wrong way and this sets off his internal sirens. He decides to become a cop himself; thanks to his unending source of wealth and influence, he manages to get posted as the SI. In an attempt to get his revenge from the cop, he realizes his duties, a higher calling from the Khaki uniform. He becomes the savior for the town, rescuing them from the clutches of a politician Durga Prasad (Rao Ramesh) who is 30 years hungry for power. In the meantime, love happens, magical songs happen, bokeh and dreamy visuals with hazy backdrop light also happen…

'Thumbs-Up's: A big thumbs up to the director Krishna Chaitanya for the fresh vision in the way this routine story was handled. A big fat pat on the back to Aravindan P. Gandhi, the man behind each frame, the cinematographer - what stunning visuals with style oozing out in every bit! The rustic beauty of the village was captured skillfully. Sunny MR has given brilliant background scores and music to the film - Such Stylishness. Much Music. Wow. Nara Rohith does his intense hero thing with a groomed stubble and crisp white shirts - Here, take a Plus Five. Rao Ramesh as usual out does himself each time in any character given to him. It was pleasant sight to see Gollapudi Maruti Rao play a small yet vital bit in the film as well.

'Thumbs-Down's: After a well paced, intersting first half with a classy interval band, the second half pulls like a dried chewing gum stuck between vitrified tiles and Armani shoes. Between all the glamour and 'tashan' and awesome punchlines and kickass music, you cant but help yourself zone out a little after the interval. Also, had our hero just lost a few kilos weight, the visuals would have amplified manifold along with the awesome camera work.

All in all, it's a well made film, definitely different from the formula filtered by-products that get churned out every Friday. Watch it for an experience, watch it to welcome the hope that better cinema is possible for the Telugu Industry with the coming together of younger, more creative, sharper minds of today.

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