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Run Raja Run

Run Raja Run

3.7 670 Ratings

Directed by : Sujeeth

Release Date : | Length : 161 Minutes

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Run Raja Run directed by the debutant Sujeeth stars Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor and Adivi Sesh in the lead roles. With music by Ghibran, this crime comedy has been produced by the makers of Mirchi, UV Creations. The film is all set to release on August 1.


“Sharwanand's performance along with a good dose of comedy and suspense makes Run Raja Run a successful rom com. An entertainer through and through, this is just the right movie for the weekend.”

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Finally, a rom-com thriller that respects the intelligent Telugu audience

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Psychological crime thrillers are still not vogue in Tollywood. It is still an industry hung up on blasting vehicles, gore and plenty of fist fights. But, once in a blue moon, there comes an industry trend-setter that manages to give you a good plot, an off-beat theme and yet entertain throughout. Movie critics wait for those movies and hope that they are entertaining. Only then can Tollywood actually live up to the great standards of its yesteryear. Run Raja Run, is a movie that is going to garner plenty of accolades and praise, blending the nuances of a crime thriller with a romantic comedy and creating a concoction that will really please of audiences across all inclinations. Sharwanand, like Abhay Deol in Bollywood, has always been the hero who picked off-beat scripts with witty, smart narratives. This movie might put in the big league because, one way or the other, this is one movie that deserves to be a commercial hit.

Plot: Run Raja Run has a wonderful script but what adds spice to it is the narrative that works like a spiral, weaving one twist over the other. So, in effect, what the movie starts with is not the truth and you are introduced to a new truth at interval. But, by the end, you realise even that isn't the truth, leaving the audience at the edge of their seats without a single big fight. It is about Raja(Sharwanand), who is the adored son of a decently rich vegetable vendor, a pro at getting his heart broken. He falls for the daughter of the Commissioner of Police (Seerat Kapoor). Meanwhile, there have been a series of smartly planned kidnappings in the city, the kidnappers managing to get the better of the cops each time. The Commissioner (Sampath Raja) constantly ignores the advice of his assistant (Naeem) and gets deeper and deeper into the mess, outdone by the kidnappers at all points. He is not happy with his daughter's choice of love either, deciding therefore to use Raja as a pawn in his master-plan, shooting two birds with one shot. However, Raja gives a thrilling interval bang to the Commissioner as well as the audience, only to churn another twist in the second half. Watch the movie to be surprised and thrilled ever more.

Cast: Sharwanand is brilliant, displaying a charming comic timing and blending with an emotive face that is capable of exuding anything that a movie protagonist would feel, from love to rage and disappointment. Newcomer Seerat Kapoor is a breath of fresh air. The curly-haired damsel with a mesmerising smile is not your conventional heroine. She can act and she is just about gorgeous enough to look real and not plastic. She is also a good dancer with a glint in her eye that will enrapture the menfolk. Adivi Sesh plays his role well. He could really consider this part a coming of age, before heading for bigger things next year. Sampath Raja who was also a part of Mirchi, the previous movie by the makers, gives a powerful performance too. The movie also uses the popularity of the comedy show Jabardast, with some funny bits.

Crew & Themes: It is hard to believe that this is a movie directed by a new-comer. Sujeeth gives the audience enough clues right from the start that there is something deeper going on, without really letting them on to the actual plot. He must be lauded for the narrative, story and amazingly witty dialogues that had the audiences splitting in laughter all throughout. Once again, the narrative uses situational comedy instead of the traditional slapstick comedy that is forcibly put as a parallel. Instead, a lot of comic punches come from the actors as part of the whole story, ensuring that the narrative doesn't lose the grasp of the audience' attention at any point of time. A chase scene in the Nano car, involving some smart funny lines is a good example of how well, the dialogue writing was managed. The movie becomes a little slow in the second half, especially after the high standards reached at the interval. But, within a few minutes, it manages to gather steam all over again, to give the whole plot a totally different shade.

The makers Vamsi Krishna Reddy and Pramod Uppalapati ensured through cinematographer Madhie and composer Gibran that the high standards of Mirchi, along with its look and feel were maintained. The music to go with the narrative of the movie, has rock & roll, melodies, soft rock and heavy percussion based on the mood of the song, thus giving everyone something to roll by.

All in all, it is a well-made movie that Tollywood can really cheer about. It has borrowed the angles used in Hollywood suspense thrillers like Inside Man, Usual Suspects, etc. to give our audiences a taste of how off-beat and yet entertaining cinema could be.

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