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Directed by : Anil Kanneganti

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Run is the official Telugu remake of Neram.


“Run is a decent thriller with its share of highs and lows.”

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Sundeep Kishan


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A faithful remake

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Run can be touted as a faithful remake of the Malayalam hit Neram. There are few changes to make it palatable to the Telugu land, but on the whole it's like piecing together the jigsaw puzzle with the set-pieces borrowed from the original. So, I am in a dicey situation whether to give credit to director Ani Kanneganti for pulling it off with finesse or the heap of praises stay with Alphonse Putharen. The latter made it an editing marvel with fine cuts and the great hourglass effect during the premise. The former adds more laughs and an uncanny character to tickle your funny bone. That being said, Ani also slackens the momentum in the later half with unwarranted song and scenarios.

Run is a refined version of cat-and-mouse chase with the stakeholders ranging from a guy losing his money, a girl left in the lurch, a moneylender tracking the guy on run, a policeman on a hunt, a flirt with cheesy pickup lines in broken English and an enigmatic guy filling the gaps with humor. Though the film hovers on the lost-and-found template of Hitchcock's McGuffin, it becomes refreshing with the conflicts of the characters and oodles of world cinema references. Again, all thanks to the original and stupendous writing of Putharen.

The film in its short run of hits and misses, professes about the philosophy of time as a capricious element. However, the director didn't stretch this string further and only makes it visible towards the climax. Also the storyline of a protagonist muddled in problems is not a new offering. Thankfully, this one sways away from comedy of errors, but few jokes are forcefully strung to the main thread to give Sundeep Kishan a platform to unleash his comical side. Anisha Ambrose is comely in her appearance and fits the bill perfectly.

The original had sparks of brilliance in terms of an understated performance from the lead actor, the background score acting as another character to bring that intriguing aura, and Bobby Simha firing his cylinders to get the menacing act right. We are lucky to have Bobby in the Telugu remake (with a subsided comic tone), and Sundeep, who evokes laughter and sympathy with aplomb. You emote with his helplessness alongside laughing at the near-miss situations he gets through. Here what couldn't sustain the fervor are scores of buffoonish characters that walk into his life.

Run moves at a brisk pace and keeps you hooked till the end. There are sudden drops in the tempo at crucial junctures with implanted characters and scenes. At most of the places you crave for more and are served little. The comparisons with the original are rife, but if you haven't watched the Nivin Pauly's fine act in Putharen's clock-ticking world, this one becomes more enjoyable. To sum it up, it's a decent thriller with its share of highs and lows.

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