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Directed by : Boyapati Seenu

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Sarainodu is an Telugu language action-masala film written and directed by Boyapati Srinu.


“Sarrainodu slips into the zone of style sans substance”

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Allu Arjun


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Sarrainodu Review-Bunny's Swag and Some Fantastic Action Saves the Day

| by Sethumadhavan Napan |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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For someone whose filmography includes works like Thulasi, Simha, Dammu & Legend you know that Boyapati Srinu plays to the gallery with a certain template in his mind. First and foremost the film needs to have a popular hero, then there has to be a tyrant against whom the hero is pitted and this should set up the base for a violent scheme of things. He has never strayed away from this template, little wonder that his latest film Sarrainodu also sees him in his comfort zone once again. Sarrainodu sees Boyapati team up with Allu Arjun for the first time.

Gana (Allu Arjun) is a fearless youth, an ex-army man who now goes about delivering justice in his own style for people who are in need of it. He falls over the local MLA Hansita Reddy (Catherine Tresa) who after some poor attempts to shrug off him, ends up also liking him. Just when Gana's parents and Hansita are all set to see him turn over a new leaf, in comes Mahalakshmi (Rakul Preet Singh) seeking protection from a gang of hoodlums. This puts Gana in the line of fire against Vairam Dhanush (Aadhi), the evil son of the Chief Minister. Who is Mahalakshmi? What is her connection to Gana and Vairam Dhanush? How does Gana handle Vairam Dhanush etc are questions that get answered as the film progresses.

Since there was no major expectation of a novel plotline, there is no point in fretting about the same. Instead Boyapati Srinu showcases his hero in style as Allu Arjun dances, mouths punch dialogues, flirts with his heroines and fights with gusto. Thaman's music is functional and are part of the template as well. Of the supporting cast Srikanth, Suman and Jayaprakash are noticed while Vidyullekha Raman impresses with her comic timing, even eclipsing Brahmanandam in the process. Catherine Tresa is strictly functional and virtually has nothing to do post interval while Rakul Preet Singh is there just for the songs. Aadhi's portrayal of Vairam Dhanush had potential but then Boyapati doesn't give him enough scope.

The film is a blood fest and the action scenes are a highlight, though it can be a put off for the family audiences. Allu Arjun and the action work, but then this isn't a film to rave about. Be sure though that this one will have a long run on T.V dubbed in Hindi :).

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