Savitri (2016)

Savitri (2016)

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Directed by : Pavan Sadineni

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Savitri is anTelugu film directed by Pavan Sadineni and produced by Dr. V.B. Rajendra Prasad.


“Savitri is a routine entertainer with few laughs and forced drama.”

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Nara Rohit

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Savitri (2016) Audience Review

Revisiting DDLJ. That's it.

Rated 2.0 / 5
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There's a train sequence where the guy helps / lifts the girl to get into the train. Then he expects her to fall for him. In a dramatic turn of events; they miss the train and go deserted from their friends and family, only to find a bunch of comedians on the go. In a heavenly twist, the guy proposes the gal but doesn't strike luck, only to know that he has much in store in the later half. Add few characters, goons and chase sequences to the narrative and that looks like a fully-grown, palatable film with multiple doses of humor, drama and good-guy-gets-the-gal tale. Savitri just tries to be that!

Rishi (Nara Rohit) is a cool guy who enjoys his life to the fullest. Savitri (Nanditha) is a marraige-maniac. Yes, you heard it right. She has only one aim life - to get married to whomsoever it may concern. Now, no more guessing the plot as eveything is crystal clear in front of you. There's no proper reason in the film as why she must love the hero and, even if she does, why she has to reject him. She is not that serious types to take life's decisions in a jiffy, but her outright sillines mars the character and also the others surrounding her. So, the central character doesn't get a proper pruning leaving lot of unwanted space for Rohit to fill in and take the entire cake.

The other characters too aren't etched well, so they don't convey much. Why few people come and go like a breeze holds no sense to an already slippery narrative. Murali Sharma and Ajay's roles are reduced to such a miniscule size that the characters look intensive but not the artist's portrayal. Even the resolutions are funny to the core with forced drama and run-on-the-mill spin-offs. What stands out and stays with you all through the film is Nara Rohit's performance and the king-size comedy that peels out every layer to hit you in the face.

Director Pavan Sadineni does this filmy outing just to prove that he can handle good budgets with multiple characters and fair dose of entertainment. Few jokes are so cheesy to stomach and no one can ever imagine temples selling designer clothes. And these silly things don't make the movie's journey interesting. There are couple of twists here and there to thrill the audience, but they are as old as mountains. The fun element in the movie boils down to the goons who get beaten to pulp by Rohit and the way the latter pulls off some fine performance laced with comedy in every scene.

The movie is likeable for few believable performances that are few and far between. The characters require more layering in terms of backstories so as to plunge and blend into the narrative. Even the masala tropes at crucial spots in the film could have been avoided. That being said, Savitri hovers on an archetypal DDLJ / Chennai Express / Srinu Vaitla template with few laughs and drama, and ends up as a routine entertainer.