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Directed by : Uday Nandanavanam

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Shankarabharanam, directed by Uday Nandanavanam and stars Nikhil and Nanditha in lead roles.


“Sankarabharanam neither has crime nor much comedy. Just keeps tying itself into knots.”

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Nikhil Siddharth


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A great title ruined in my head forever!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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A separate scene in this movie, irrelevant to the plot, was squeezed in to make fun of the "NRI girl who spoke against the movie that shall not be named'. The nation is talking about intolerance and here we are in Tollywood, where educated people, a lot of them studying in top universities abroad are abusing a girl just because she voiced her opinion and spoke the truth about a movie industry that clearly disrespects women in more ways than one. Whether we agree with her or not is a different issue. But everyone is entitled to an opinion and people abusing her or poking fun of her on all forums shows how depraved we are as a community. Not one of the superstars you adore so much has come forward to say, 'Guys take a chill pill'. If that doesn't tell you anything, man god really gave you a tough deal as far as IQ is concerned.

Now for the movie. Oh wait, I have often heard this argument that people who don't know about the pains of making a movie shouldn't criticize it. Imagine you go to a posh restaurant, you pay money in advance for Kodi Palav. He gives you half-cooked food without spices and you have to spend 2 hours trying to eat it. And god knows what problems the food will cause inside the tummy. And then he says, 'I spent crores to set up this restaurant and maintain its poshness. So you can criticise the food only if you can cook it yourself.' Would you keep quiet at that silly shit logic? Then how are movies any different as far as audience is concerned?

The movie here, is a conglomeration of fools. An NRI lands in Bihar to sell his mother's palace so his family in US, which has lost all its money can avoid prosecution. Why Bihar and not Andhra? Because you can safely say, Bihar is known for just kidnappers, most of whom are trigger happy. So far so good. But anyone who has actually been in Bihar will know that these kidnappers are not dumb like our moviemakers are. Yet, the kidnapping gangs, one of which is an all-woman batch led by Munni (Gitanjali) and the home minister (Samapth Raj) are all dumb, constantly out-maneuvred by the NRI boy from New York. Amidst all that are comedy skits, by Prithvi who plays a cop, Sapthagiri who is loud and annoying and quite a few others. Rao Ramesh tries to do his character bit with dignity.

Nikhil is a good hero and Nanditha is a good actress. In the past, Nikhil has made name with movies that made sense. Exactly why he chose this plot-less random script is beyond me. The movie is not a crime comedy like it portrays itself. It is comedy, and the joke is on the makers, because most of the racist jokes don't work. If the idea of a whole gang of women lewdly raping a male cop behind closed doors is funny for you, you will like this movie. For the rest it doesn't make sense from start to finish. Kidnapping gang which are made of four Telugu comedians and the dilapidated Sanjay Mishra as the leader - whose idea was it? Really? All this to make people laugh? Isn't a good crime movie entertainment enough for audiences?

Oh if this is what the filmmakers are stooping down to because the audience doesn't appreciate good movies with a plot, I apologise to the filmmakers on their behalf. But an NRI with fake accent coming to a village in Bihar for the first time, learning about family values because a girl gave him some cash, a girl who until then was desperate to go to US and for that marry anyone, doesn't make sense to me one bit. Sorry!

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