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Shivam (Telugu)

Shivam (Telugu)

3.3 793 Ratings

Directed by : Srinivasa Reddy

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  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Shivam is an Telugu film. The film stars Ram Pothineni And Rashi Khanna. The movie is directed by Srinivas Reddy and produced by Ravi Kishore. The film is under Sri Sravanthi movies banner.


“Stay as far away as possible.”

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Brilliance that can only be matched by a power-cut!

Rated 1.5 / 5
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I wonder how the director/story writer sold this movie to the producers. What would he have narrated? Here is a story about a hero and a heroine and two villains all of who keep shouting and fighting for no obvious reason? If the hero can just randomly beat up anyone he likes like he does in this movie, this can technically get over in 15 mins. Why does it go on for 3 hours?

Outside the hall were three monkeys. One said don't watch the movie. One said don't even hear about the movie. Another said don't talk about the movie. I didn't heed to the first two advices. Now I have no choice but to break the third advice as well so you don't screw with your time watching the movie.

Shiva (Ram) is a narcissist who loves bringing lovers together. Shiva is not even his real name. He is so annoying that even his dad (Posani Murali) wants to kill him. I agree to that part. There has to be a limit to your mindless narcissism. And his real entry - he beats up a dozen goons because they take his lighter. A girl practicing for a college drama says I Love You to him making him jump from a train and chase her for a while. Meanwhile the same girl Tanu (Rashi Khanna) is also being chased by another guy (Abhimanyu Singh) who is superstitious and believes Tanu brings him good luck each time. Anyway, another psycho-narcissistic factionist is angry that his son got beaten up by Shiva and is out to get his lost respect back.

The heroine Tanu is confused. Sometimes she looks like she loves Shiva although there can never be a reason to love a guy like that. Maybe you'll want him to be a bodyguard, yes. Why lover? Sometimes she looks like she hates him. Mostly she tries to act cute. She was probably signed to act cute.

Like that dialogue in Bomarillu, when everyone looks back at the three hours they just lost, "mottam vade chesadu, aa teda hero gadu". The movie has a lot of comedians, the same ones who do skits in every movie. You've seen them so much doing silly stuff that now you could just watch them at home in some comedy show. When will movie makers understand that? I mean, how on the planet can a guy who is 5'8" and looks frail beat dozens of people all through the movie. Okay let's put that aside. Why do factionists who make guys walk on coal in their village just because they dared to wear footwear in front of the big guy, turn into jokers? Why are guys capable of dishing out hundreds of crores of rupees getting their hands dirty trying to get their lucky charm girl when they can just send the right people who can do it is a jiffy? Why does a guy who can beat a dozen goons in less time than a train's halt at a station need to play mind games with the villain?

'Energetic star' Ram did what he always does. Act over-smart, then act extra over-smart, then act annoyingly over-smart. The heroine did what most of our heroines do. Act cute, then act over-cute, then act annoyingly over-cute. The comedians and villains did what they do in our movies. Act stupid, act over-stupid, then act extremely stupid. The audience. This year, you've made a fool out of yourselves before (guess movie?). You've also made a bigger fool out of yourselves (guess movie?). Please don't make an even bigger fool out of yourselves.

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