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Directed by : A. S Ravikumar Chowdary

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Soukhyam is a Telugu film starring Gopichand and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles.

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Move over Hulk, 'cordless-electric-guitar' philophile Srinu is here!

Rated 1.0 / 5
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The movie has got nothing to do with the word 'Soukhyam' which means comfort, well-being and a bunch of other synonyms. Now that we've got that disclaimer out of the way, let me talk about the movie.

It is about one guy called Srinu (Gopichand), Iron Hands and all. Srinu is extremely desperate, so desperate he is ready to hit on a girl, Sailaja, 24 (Regina) after checking out her name on the reservation chart of his compartment. Too much, no? So desperate he is ready to make an 8 year old kid sign up for organ donation to help her, in the train, having just met her a few minutes earlier. Problem is she just watched the movie Serendipity and so, writes her phone number on a magazine and says unless he finds it, she won't believe in their destiny of being together. If that is the test she is going to set for every potential groom, might as well remain a spinster for the rest of her life. Unfortunately for her, Srinu keeps bumping into her through mysterious ways but she wants the magazine and magazine alone. Her IQ was probably less than 50. Anyways, by sheer coincidence he does find the magazine. Love story starts. The whole first half of the movie is about people accidentally just bumping into each other. In real life, even stalking wouldn't yield such high percentage bumping.

Second half. Move over to Kolkata where the CM is a Telugu guy and the kingmaker, PR is a Telugu guy and the kingmaker's daughter is this Sailaja who is kidnapped by her own father forcibly, because he wants her to get married to CM's son. Meanwhile, another big goon in Hyderabad is baying for Srinu's life for an old revenge and so he arranges his henchment to kill him based on the motorcycle number they find. They accidentally spot him at a local Ammavaru festival but are all decked up in full colours waiting for him. Probably, the bike number was connected to a GPS installed in his body. He beats them black and blue. So, the goon, decides to save the hero's father from a staged accident, befriend our hero, send him to Kolkata to get PR's daughter to pit his two enemies against each other. Our hero ends up finding his love, and PR challenges him to take his own car and cross Kolkata with his daughter. Our guy does that. PR overestimates his own men but brings more men to Hyderabad. Meanwhile, our hero and heroine play one needlessly long drama to impress hero's father (Mukesh Rishi) who hates violence for some flashback. All this drama and cringeworthy comedy by Reckless Star Prithvi and Co just so PR can walk into their house and take the daughter away and for the father to come to know about the truth.

Moral of the story is: You should have work, otherwise you needlessly search for a girl to fall in love with her, then play drama with your dad and then end up fighting lot of goons who strangely do not have guns and keep running melodramatically with massive knives. Amidst this is a deaf Brahmanandam and a fight involving an electric guitar which our genius hero plays on the road without a cord. 21st century, midway through second decade. Gopichand is catering to niche audience and Regina is still playing the girl in distress roles. The villains are the most basic low-IQ stereotypes possible. Double meaning dialogues are staple food for the comedy. The family is farcical. How much effort did they waste making this gigantic haystack with a needle-weight of sense, I wonder!

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