Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

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Directed by : Manohar Chinmani

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Swimming Pool is a Telugu horror film starring Akhil Karthik and Priya Vashishta in the lead roles.


“Senseless and not worth your time.”

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Akhil Karthik


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The hero Akhil Karthik has previously acted in a movie called Ala with the same director, Manohar Chimmani who has written and directed the movie. Featuring newcomer Priya Vasistha as the heroine, the movie produced by Arun Mupanna was also supposed to be released abroad in US and UK. It was shot and readied for release in a very short span of time. All those facts aside, you wonder what the point of the movie really was. It is touted as a horror thriller but there is hardly any horror in the movie of the contemporary ilk.

In the present day scenario, people expect a lot from the horror genre. They are not easily scared anymore. Or even surprised. Mantra 2 was a recent debacle and this movie takes it down further. It is almost funny a guy looking at massive shadow and pissing himself. A bunch of characters all looking suspicious in the house and offering weird looks is neither funny, nor thrilling nor contributed to the fear of the audience just boredom. As the title suggests, the movie revolves around a couple stuck in a B-grade love story caught in the wrong place, a seemingly haunted place. The songs and their picturisation aren't aesthetic, instead obscene, almost like a couple on honeymoon shot secretely with cams. You can hardly relate to such couples leave alone them being troubled by ghosts. The cinematography of the movie is also not adequate to create a horror thriller, with a lot of amateur shots and unnecessary closeups.

A shady looking housemaid, women in white blur scenes, shower scenes and lovemaking scenes with the viewpoint of someone observing them or following them are utterly cliched and hardly create any thrill. The shrills and background music are loud and annoying. All in all it is a movie about which not much can be written about or said, leave alone the pain of finding a hall where it is running!

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